June 24th, 2005

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Don't be alarmed...

Back in March of this year, Atlanta witnessed a major tragedy in the series of shootings (several fatal) following the escape of defendant Brian Nichols at the Fulton County Courthouse.

They've done a lot of investigating, trying to figure out how it happened, and today in the paper a major stupid (OK, IMO) decision was revealed:

Back in January, there was a policy change made to the effect that the emergency alarm was not to be turned on unless the operator could verify an emergency. They wanted to prevent false alarms.

A couple of months later, during the attack, the operator was told to run the alarm but instead folowed policy and called to get official confirmation. He called FOUR TIMES. Meanwhile Nichols was almost out of the building by then!

There is a tragic irony in this:

1) One of the people killed in the attack was the man who'd instituted the policy change.

2) The alarm operator that day was a man who, back in January, had sent out an official memo questioning the change and warning that it could have dangerous consequences.

I would almost post this to mock_the_stupid but I think it would get rejected as "not really funny."
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Passing It On

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

That was a cool survey. I liked the Social Networks section the best. I knew people in about 90% of those jobs, thanks to being close to my neighbors. Of course, none of my neighbors are union leaders, foremen, police officers, or unskilled laborers so that explains the other 10%.
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Counting blessings

Things to be grateful for..

1) Air conditioning.
2) Fuzzy pets.
3) Several wonderful trips coming up.
4) Depression medication seems to be working. *knock on wood*
5) After almost a year of expensive shots, allergies seem to be nearly licked.
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Had another attack of the Zzzzzzz's just now. Around 4, went to watch a little of Return of the King with the designers' commentary and after watching 10 minutes of it, woke up around 5 to find them talking about Minas Tirith. Just as I was groggily trying to figure out what time it was, the phone rang and it was, of course, Caleb, calling to say he's on the way back from Dalton, where he's been all day. Could I pick up his dry cleaning at 5:30? Ugh, sure! Wish I had some formula that would instantly wake me up, but I guess I'll just keep on with the wilted flower routine.
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