June 26th, 2005

sideview, obamame_sideview


Made it back from Savannah. I'm too tired to write about it in full right now or post the pictures I got, but I can at least say it was fun! Tiring, but fun!

Oh, and the two highlights of the trip:

1) getting a chance to go to the (warm!!!!!!) ocean and run around in the surf;

2) ME (yes, me!) driving 20+ miles through Emanuel County, Georgia, a.k.a. Middle o' Nowhere. Oh, and nobody died or suffered injury as the result of my driving. Nobody SAW me either, since the total population of that county is only 20,000.

Two lowlights:

1) nasty, horrible heat rash / prickly heat on my thighs;

2) Savannah being 250 miles away and separated from Atlanta by vast, vast tracks incredibly boring highway.

Full story and pictures forthcoming.