June 30th, 2005

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Half-awake thoughts and strange dreams

Often I wake up, check the clock, and decide it's too early to get up. And this is when I have some strange dreams and/or quite odd semi-waking thoughts.

This morning's gem: When the British set up the international time zones, Greenwich Mean Time, etc., do you think they deliberately set things up so they'd be in a different zone than the Continent, especially France?

Yes, I know this is a burning question, but my brain asked it about 100 times. Typical of these half-awake think session, my brain goes all OCD on me.

Other times I have extremely vivid, seemingly long dreams when, according to the non-subjective time of the clock, I've really only been asleep a short time, like 30 minutes, 45 minutes, etc. But these dreams are sooooooo crazy!

Which reminds me: Last week I had two incredibly vivid dreams that were basically Lord of the Rings knock-offs. Meaning, they actually looked and were cut like movies, featured amazing sets, CGI, interesting creatures (a talking belltower!), and in one case, Peter Jackson! Yes, Peter Jackson was in my dream, as one of them actually had a "behind the scenes" DVD feature. I was in it as part of the film crew.
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Thoughts of country

So for the second year in a row, I'll be in a foreign country for the Fourth of July. Oh, well. It's true the fireworks celebration here in Downtown is amazing, but I still think being in Europe beats it. Man, the Patriot Police would so shoot me down if they knew :)

Meanwhile for some reason it recently occured to me that almost every single my close friends has been Italian or Italian-American! This includes Christine, Marialana, Caleb, Daniel, and Susannah. The only one who doesn't fit the Italian thing is Kristina, who's Norwegian-American. I think there is a sort of boldness and directness in Italians, where you don't have to dance around a lot to figure out what's going on. I like that.

Now, off to rinse out this latest dye job. My red was fading, had to re-do!
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On My Way

In 20 minutes I'll be meeting up with Caleb to get on the train for the aiport. We have a 9:35 flight on Air France. There's a stopover in Paris and then we'll be on to Milan, where dadi will be meeting us. Right now I'm in a state of disbelief over this whole trip -- Italy, really?! -- but I guess in 24 hours... or 12 hours... it'll seem more real!

I will probably be able to make some posts from Italy, so until then, ciao, everybody!