July 1st, 2005

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I'm back!

No, really, I'm BACK, as in, at home in Atlanta.

This is a good thing though.

What happened: Air France overbooked the flight to Paris we are on. Big time. When Caleb and I went to get our seating assigment, they offered each of us a $600 AF flight voucher, good for a year anywhere they fly -- a.k.a. free airfare to Europe -- if we'd give up our seats and fly tomorrow. Although I was geared up to go today, it seemed like a really good deal, so we got a new flight that's tomorrow, a direct flight via Delta. We also got a taxi voucher for tomorrow.

P.S. dadi, I sent you a text message from the airport but will email you too: Our flight arrives Sat. at 9 a.m. It's a Delta flight.
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Hair update

My new dye job, which I did this afternoon, turned out great. I really wanted something different, more striking, for trip, so I got L'Oreal Preference Intense Red Copper.

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Since Caleb and I were both at loose ends, we decided to check out the new IKEA that just opened at the Atlantic Station development. This is the first (and only) IKEA store in the Southeast and people have been clamoring for it for years.

I'd been to IKEA stores in the U.S. as well as a couple in Germany, so I knew what to expect. Very, very nice. Except for the bathroom and kitchen stuff, the furniture is all far too contemporary for my home, but I do admire it very much. I especially like the fact that much of the furniture is small-scale, designed for apartments or smaller, European-sized homes. When I get back from Italy I'll be getting some smaller non-furniture items like maybe a clothes-drying rack, a comforter, storage containers for my closets, etc. Much cheaper than Container Store.

But my favorite thing at IKEA wasn't even the actual home goods, but the Swedish cafe at check-out. This is not the main cafeteria, but more of a fast-foods place which also has a shop of all Swedish treats -- like all kinds of Scandinavian cookies, lingonberry preserves, licorice, etc. I bought a box of elderflower juice and a bottle of elderflower concentrate. After I get back from Italy, I will get some treats and maybe have a Scandinavian food party for my 31st birthday, in late August.

Another nice thing is you can take a free shuttle from the Arts Center MARTA station, and back again, to IKEA, so no driving. There are also MARTA bus routes that go nearby and I can bike from home as well. I can go biking and get Swedish treats!
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