July 3rd, 2005

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Hi from Italy

Well, Caleb and I have been in Italy since Saturday morning and so far it's been wonderful.

Dagmar got us at the airport and we took the train almost to her town, then took a short car ride to her home. Caleb and I both love her home, which has wonderful flowers, cats, plus she made us a deluxe German-style breakfast. We had a nap afterward, then went for a trip to Como, north of here. Beautiful city, where we went to cafes, had gelato, walked around the lake, played in a fountain. After a train ride to Ravello Pollo, we had pizza at the pizzaria next door -- insanely yummy!

Today we had another great breakfast, then took the train to Milan. Wow! We went into the old fortress, climbed onto the roof of the Duomo (one of the biggest churches in the world, went into parks, walked down various shopping streets, observed a lot of Roman-inspired architecture, and stopped in several cafes. Lots of walking! Finally we went back on the train, rested, then went on a walk through a park trail area nearby. On the way back we stopped for gelato and I got licorice-flavored. God, how good that was!

Tomorrow Dagmar has to go in to her office in Milan so Caleb and I will go in with her on the train and then go shopping. I want shoes and maybe one of those blacked ripped skirts I keep seeing here. We must also have more pizza and gelato, of course.