July 14th, 2005

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Transit in Europe

x-posted from a transit-activism mailing list I'm on:

It's around 6 a.m. and I'm up only because I got back from a trip to Europe last night and naturally my body thinks it's time to get up :)

Anyway, since I'm up, I just wanted to post a few notes on some of the amazing transit experiences I had in Italy and Germany. This was my 10th or 11th trip to Europe and every time I go I use lots of trains, buses, etc., but I think this trip somehow hit me harder because of Collapse )

Overall, things are done in a way that's incredily efficient and user-friendly. The systems don't force you to deal with their quirks -- the systems are built around you and the other riders! Anyway, it was wonderful to experience wonderful mass transit again.
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Food shopping

Just went to Luke, the greengrocer around the corner, to get fruits & vegies for me and the pigs. Managed to spenbd $23, which would be probably $60 in a supermarket. Yikes!

Got a TON of stuff: tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, romaine, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, baby carrots, ginger, okra, peppers and more stuff I don't even remember. The piggies, after sulking ever since I got home ("There is no more real food, just these stupid pellets!") are now chowing down on romaine. Good. That duty is done.

Now I will go get my allergy shot and get some basic foods like cereal and soy milk for myself. I might be too pooped after that to do anything else, but hey, at least I'll have food.
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Have spent most of today so far running errands. So far, I feel pretty good and things are going well. I dearly hope I can avoid my usual post-trip sickness/breakdown.

Meanwhile, a few notes and observations on things I've experienced, noticed and thought about today:

- Several people apparently thought I had been caught in the London thing, as naturally "in Europe" and "not around lately" translates into "on the London subway and presumed dead." WTF? They were all relieved I was still alive.

- Have got lots of compliments on my "Italy dress," a sexed-up housedress (with slits up front and back) I got at the weekly market in Rovello Pollo. Once again, finding clothes in obscure places nobody else shops pays off.

- The Lexapro seem to be working well. I am SO smiley and enjoying Atlanta. In the aftermath of previous overseas trips I come back and feel disgusted with the city, but today things are seeming pretty good to me. I want to hug everybody.

- My piggies have gorged themselves on veggies. Now I have to clean their cage, which hasn't been changed in... ugh, well, let's just say "barnlike" applies as an adjective.

- In addition to the produce shopping, did some basic shopping at the Kroger at Brookwood Place. The cashier was from Brooklyn, which seemed very out of place. Friendly lady though!

- Got my allergy shot. Ow. Glad I'm almost done with the weekly shots.

- I think now I will be finishing my unpacking and possibly start going through all my email, especially client stuff. So. Much. Work. Ahead.

Grissecon-Feencon Pics

As I slowly pull myself, I've got my Grissecn-Feencon pictures all done up in a gallery. (Actually an automatic tool in Photoshop helped me do most of it in about a minute.)

Anyway, here's the link to all my pictures from Grissecon-Feencon, the convention I went & spoke at in Germany. Pics include program tracks, the Wraeththu fashion show and parties:

Wendy's Grissecon-Feencon Gallery

Pretty insane stuff. There are links to more pics here in this post I made on raythoo.