July 15th, 2005

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Over the course of the next few days I plan on making numerous posts about my most recent travels, including lots of pictures, impressions of Italy, Feencon report, etc., but first off, before I just plain forget, here's a quick rundown of exactly where & what I did. I won't put in every gelateria trip, breakfast, etc., just the broadbrush of things.

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I made a new kind of soup today, taking a recipe from one of my vegetarian cookbooks and then messing with it a bit. Zucchini and chickpea soup. Mmmmm. Good that that turned out well, since the rice dish I made wound up getting charred. I tried to salvage what I could but even the charcoal-free bits tasted like burned toast. Oh, well. I'll try it again sometime soon and this time stand a closer vigil over it.

Meanwhile, while cooking tonight, I thought about some of the common elements of my cooking. This is something I've discussed with Caleb, as often he'll say how he always needs some ingredient that I never, ever use, or vice versa. Like, for example, I need onion for everything. He's like, "Why would I ever need onions?"

I have around 50 different bottles & tubs, but these are the most oft used
- parsley
- corriander
- cumin
- turmeric
- cinnamon
- fennel
- black pepper

Chopped up onions & garlic sauteed in olive or vegetable oil. 90% of my cooking seems to start with this.

besides onion and garlic
- potatoes
- tomatoes
- green peppers
- mushrooms
- carrots
- sweet potatoes
- chickpeas (canned)
- artichoke hearts (canned)
- tomato sauce (canned)

- rice
- pasta (many kinds)
- noodles
- various oils
- butter

I'm a vegetarian but don't actually cook with tofu that often. There are only a couple of homemade tofu recipes I like, including my oft-made shepherd's pie, which uses frozen-then-dethawed tofu as the "meat." Otherwise it just seems to go all mushy. I love marinated tofu though and love tofu burritos, like the Tokyo Teriyaki at Raging Burrito. Mmmm!
sideview, obamame_sideview

Trip Pictures! Lots!

Well, I used that tool in Photoshop again to quickly create photo galleries. This way I can actually share a lot more pictures, as before I'd limit myself because the more I wanted to show, the longer it would take to format them all. It also does all the thumbnailing so people who don't want to download all the big pics and pick and choose what they want to see.

Anyway, here they are, three sets of shots, a lot of them with comments. These are some of the best travel shots I've done in a while.

Italy - Main Gallery
Pictures from various places in Italy, including Dagmar's town, Milan, Lecco, and Como.

The Duomo
Shots of Milan's insanely ornate catheral, the Duomo. We climbed up the tower and onto the roof!

Beautiful city in Lombardy with an "Old City" high up a hill, originally built up by the Romans. More info here.

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I have a few more shots, from Cologne, which I'll post maybe tomorrow.