July 16th, 2005

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Grocery shopping can be fun

Two funnies in the same checkout line at Kroger today:

1) 20-something guy who had all the markings of a Little Five Points hippy type: scraggly blond dreadlocks down to his butt, scruffy blond goatee, faded T-shirt, glasses and Birkenstocks. The funny was, his entire load of groceries was processed frozen food, like Hungry Man microwave dinners and frozen pizzas.

2) Middle-aged black woman in front of me had a cart with 3-4 cases of Kroger-brand soda, a huge bag of frozen chicken, 2 bags of buns, and 2 large bags of chips. "Having a big party tonight?" I asked, since she seemed friendly. "Oh, no," she replied, "got five men in the house."
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Not-so-bad headache, relatively

After waking really early today and feeling great, I've had a lousy headache since mid-morning and it's coming to a head. I would guess it's some kind of sinus headache, since the pain is worst right behind my right eyebrow and on that side of my forehead. I haven't had a headache in probably a month, because ever since I started on the anti-depressant my headaches have mostly gone away, so I guess it's mainly occasional headaches like that I have to cope with.
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Supporting the European consumer economy once again

I've gotten really good about packing for my overseas trips so I can bring home a haul of goodies. I even take an empty duffel bag with me so I can stuff all my clothes into at the end and put the goodies into my suitcase, where they'll be protected. I just love going out and finding things I can't get at home, like unique clothes, fashion tights, foods, etc.

All, here's a pick of the latest "catch" :)

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