July 17th, 2005

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Body Notes

My right big toe has been asleep/numb for a week now. The top is fine, but the bottom feels like when you've gone a long car trip and your foot falls asleep. I've been squeezing and rubbing it and wearing loose shoes thinking it would wake up, but so far it hasn't. The area around the toe is also slightly numb, but I think that's improved a bit. I know I walked a lot on my trip but still, I wonder what the heck I did to my foot.

I may not ever use my boobs for nursing a kid, but man, do they make great props when I'm reading in bed and need something to put the book on. I use the left one, as it's one or two cup sizes bigger.

Did not gain or lose any weight as a result of the trip. Not surprising, as although I did eat a gelato or two every day, my diet was relatively good and I walked and walked. The food in Italy is also a lot healthier than in England, much as I love English food.

Have another (the same?) headache today and I think it must be my sinuses and maybe my ear, because my sense of balance is off. Plus I just had another dizzy spell.

As usual, it's taking a few days for me to "wake up" after my trip. Caleb got back and had to plunge into work immediatley, going to meetings, running a big public workshop, etc., and meanwhile I have barely started to get back to work. I've done housework, errands, entered my receipts, corresponded with clients, but my brain is all over the place and able to focus on work. Tomorrow I'm going to kick my brain's ass because I have work to do. Not just work, but emails to send people asking where my money is. I don't want another month of nobody paying me.
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This isn't a meme, but it should be.

Top 10 LJ Pet Peeves

1. Communities which are supposed to be sources of helpful advice -- like pet communities -- but often seem more like a playground for people who like to act superior and attack people as less perfect, make assumptions about them, namecall, etc.

2. People who keep posting the same question over and over again to their personal LJ or a community, despite either many previous replies to their question or no answers at all, i.e. nobody interested. It's like a kid who keeps saying "Are we there yet?"

3. Anonymous flame posts.

4. People who have hissy fits over grammar, spelling or typing errors when overall the post is fine and not really worthy of ridicule. Worse: When a whole group of people reply to the comment and it turns into a huge thread about grammar when in reality, WHO THE HELL CARES?

5. People putting entire posts in ALL CAPS or using giant bold type.

6. People posting obnoxious political rants on communities not at all related to politics, even tangentally, and who then get pissed off if somebody says, "Um, can you keep that off this community?"

7. The de facto rule that the more effort you put into preparing a post -- like doing a huge photo post -- the less likely it is that anybody will actually comment on it. Why is this?

8. People who only ever talk about one thing. (And I don't mean that One Thing, I mean, just in general.) The one-notedness just drives me insane.

9. People posting whines about nobody commenting on their LJ.

10. One-word posts, like "Zzzzzz," "...", "Shit." Maybe once in a while it would be amusing, but...

Meanwhile wait for at least one of these pet peeves to occur in reponse to this post.
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I really think I'm a bit too fixated on animals at times. Like again, here I am trolling Petfinder for animals I can't adopt.

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Another sign I'm a total animal sap: I watched Animal Planet for like 3 hours yesterday. *Sigh* And I think I played with my guinea pigs for an hour too. Man, I guess THAT'S wher my times goes!

P.S. And check out this 'Blue Persian' cat. I have never seen anything like Mr. Blue!
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I still love it

I really need to start remembering to watch South Park! Just caught the first half of a show I caught only the last 5 minutes of a few weeks ago -- the Anime episode ("Good Times With Weapons") where the boys all become ninja superheroes.

OMG, it makes me laugh SO hard. Cartman has the best lines, including (basically):

Cartman: Now I know why there are no Jewish super ninjas -- they have no spines!

Cartman: I use my power to... Aw, shit, I have no powers, Kyle took them away from me. Kyle, give me back my powers so I can defend us!
Kyle: OK, you can have your powers back/
Cartman: Bwahahahaah, I use my powers to... turn Kyle into a chicken! You are a chicken, na na na boo boo!

Another line, from this kid Craig: I am not Craig, I am GINZA! With the powerful blade of the Kitana!

I don't think there's one episode of South Park that hasn't turned me into a gibbering pile of ha has...
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