July 19th, 2005

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Summer doldrums

Even though Atlanta is in the midst heat and humidity entirely too vile for daytime outdoor excurions, I've started taking daily walks. Unfortunately even at 8:30 it's already yucky out. I've also been running lots of errands since getting home from Europe, and each one makes me sweat because it's just bogus out. (Bonus bogus factor for things like the other day, when I smelled some kind of dead animal in a trash can.) My favorite season here (or anywhere) is fall, starting in September, the month with the best weather, IMO. Summer is just yuckums.
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From the BBC:

'25,000 civilians' killed in Iraq
Nearly 25,000 civilians have died violently in Iraq since the US-led invasion in March 2003, a report says.

The dossier, based on media reports, says US-led forces were responsible for more than a third of the deaths.

Meanwhile NPR news just aired a clip of Bush saying how they're making "steady progress" in Iraq and whenever Iraqi troups are fully ready, U.S. forces can and will leave.
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More on Boondocks TV show

Turns out the article in yesterday's AJC's was actually one of the most detailed out there; most places seem to have just run a short wire story. I shouldn't be surprised, I guess, as here in Atlanta there are more people who give a crap about Boondocks.

Anyway, there story is Collapse )

And a strip I missed while away on my trip:

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I heard thunder rumbles! It's gonna rain! Yay!

Glad to see Atlanta is having what's SUPPOSED to be normal Atlanta summer weather, a.k.a. summer thunderstores. Anything that eases the monotony and cruddy air is good in my book.

Of course, the rain might never actually fall, due to the whole "heat island" effect, in which giant rainstorms pass over Atlanta without loosing a single raindrop, because all the parking lots and roads make the area so hot the rain evaporates on the way down.

Wait, no, I see rain out the window! Yay!

I've just opened the shades in the bedroom and office so I can see it. During the summer I normally have them all pulled down to keep the heat out and save my central air having to work as hard.
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Abbie, for the first time ever, staged a food protest!

Normally YinYang is the wheeker*, screaming whenever I come in the door, touch a plastic bag or open the refridgerator. She's also the one who forlornly roams the cage looking for food, climbing up to the second level and gnawing the cardboard floor while staring at me pointedly.

Abbie doesn't engage in such behavior. A few weeks ago I did catch her adding her little squeaky voices to some of YinYang's chorus, but today she went whole hog (pardon the pun) with it.

I was watching TV when I heard scuffling, indicating one of the pigs was up top looking for food, though there wasn't any there. I turned and was surprised to see it was Abbie. I then saw her do a little dance and start shreiking! LOL. She may be a late bloomer but she's louder than YinYang.

* "Wheek!" is the sound guinea pigs make when they're hungry, so from that there's wheeking, wheeker, wheeked, etc.
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Classic Mom

A few days ago I sent a package of goodies to my mom. Today, in response, I got an email back from her filled with Classic Mom.

Some excerpts:

1) Thanks for the package. The mailman left it yesterday balanced on the top of the mailbox. I don't know how it stayed there.

Even though I shouldn't eat all this licorice - I have no will power - and it is almost all gone. It was great. Just the kind I like. I haven't attacked the box or the losenges or whatever they are. I'm trying to hold off but I will probably attach them tomorrow.

2) It is so hot and humid here we are just vegetating. It is in the mid 90's with humidty over 70. The only good thing is that it is so humid that the sun can't break through. Last week we thought about putting on the heat. This is the weirdest summer I can remember.

3) Your pictures were great. I often think that if you weren't writing you could do photography or these TV travel shows.

Also, Mom says she has a job interview for a 8-hr./week church secretary job in Lowell. I'm sure she'll get it, as she's perfect for that.
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