July 21st, 2005

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Not a meme, just a thought

10 Things I Know Nothing About

1. Playing guitar.
2. Physics.
3. Calculus.
4. (American) Football.
5. Anything that airs on HBO.
6. Downhill skiing.
7. Scuba-diving.
8. Driving stick.
9. Shooting guns.
10. Flirting.
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Waking up slowly

This morning I got up and groggily went to the computer. A sign of how groggy I am in the morning: I sat down and wiggled the mouse for about 20 seconds before realizing I'd shut the computer off before bed and it wasn't just in sleep mode.

This was an hour and a half ago. I still feel like coffee would be a good idea.
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I'm listening to Classical music on NPR as usual and just noticed that the piece they're currently playing is an interpretation of the theme from "Mr. Ed."

WTF? Is there NOTHING a Classical quartet won't interpret? "The Brady Bunch"? The theme from "Who Wants to Be a Millionare"?
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Buffet Love

For quite some time I've been looking for an antique, preferably Art Deco, sidetable/buffet to use for an entertainment system rack. I want to put all or most of my stuff on top and store media inside. Right now I have everything (got a modular, not all-in-one system) set up on two metal racks and one of those wire cube storage systems. I really want to eliminate this eyesore!

Anyway, just went looking through my eBay Favorites and found this beauty! Not only is it FINE, but it's offering price is amazingly low and shipping is only $150. I've been looking on eBay for these but mainly to see the designs, since normally shipping is a lot higher. Anyway, look at this fine Art Deco sideboard! I love the secret drawers and the width is awesome because normally they are 48" wide and this is 54", so even more room for my equipment. It looks to be in excellent shape and matches the other two cabinets I have in that room, both of which are have similar Art Deco carvings. The feet match the other buffet I have.

Don't know right now if I will get it, but any feedback might help me out.