July 23rd, 2005

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Guinea Pig - Cat Encounter Session

I'm not going to even bother posting it to guinea_pigs because I'd get drawn and quartered*, but today me and the boys engineered another fun Guinea Pig - Cat Encounter Session!

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* Pet communities are full of people who are ready to scream at you for being neglectful, irresponsible, etc. if you do not follow the most conservative recommendations for care. Very, very irritating.
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Friends Analysis

Rules: Copy your friends list and bold the ones you have met in real life, and italicize the ones you have only talked with on the phone. Anybody you have only spoken to online, do nothing to their names. If any of your friends has multiple journals, list only one.

_quanta_, almostnever, amolasses, arjuni, aruhani, aspenlight, atomicdave, calanthe_, catscradle, ccoyle, cob_web, cracicotus, dadi, degruy, dharmagirl, gabby2600, god_dot_com, hideousbeauty, jadedscorpion, jesswired, katarushisu, kyuuketsukirui, laurent_atl, leduck, little_kiwi, lydia2600, madame_mercredi, malibran, marchenland, mevinan, mikenatlga, morrigan71, mroctober, murnkay, nervouskricket, nevercadabera, pellsfan, rasiler, rebness, roobee, satyrblade, talarian_chron, teriel, tharain, thebratqueen, thespian, tritium, vaysh, versailles_rose, xanath, yakalskovich

Huh! Looks like I've actually MET quite a few of my LJ friends! I've often wondered exactly what it is that makes me Friend people and I think mainly it does have to know with actually having met them at least once. A few of the others, like xanath, are people I've IM'd with a lot and/or had a lot of interaction with in online communities and/or fanfic writing.

It also is obvious that I hate phones. If I haven't a met a person, it's very unlikely I've talked to them on the phone.