July 25th, 2005

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Wanna scratch my eyeballs out

My eyes are so itchy. I didn't notice this until yesterday when I found what I guess is my last pair of disposable contacts. I *never* wear contacts but on impulse I said, "What the hell?" and wore them a couple of hours. My eyes itched unbearably. I took them out again and they felt better, but today they are so sore. Come to think, there's been crud in my eyes every morning since I got back from my trip. And now I'm coughing too. Caleb says there was bad air pollution yesterday so maybe that's it. In any case, yuckums!
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Nap time

Don't know if it was lack of sleep, allergies or what, but I just conked out again. Was sitting here and thought, "Wow, I could really use a lie down," and boink! I was asleep on the bed five minutes later. Slept for around an hour and a half. As I went to lie down I felt guilty (work ethic!), but people with FT jobs always say "I wish I could have a nap, I don't feel good," but they can't because they're on salary and have a boss. I can do it, so I did. Now I feel much better.
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I've been getting weekly allergy shots for nearly a year and next month will finally be going to bi-weekly shots, which eventually will become monthly shots. Over the course of the past year, I've spent around $1800 on this treatment, out of my own pocket because insurance barely picked up a dime. I do feel a LOT better (I recommend it!) but I was still rather non-plussed when today I got a statement from my insurer (BCBS) noting that FOR THE FIRST TIME, they have actually paid for most of the cost of my shots. Apparently I've met my yearly deductible at last. Now I only have to pay $4 a shot instead of $24.
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Bored, etc.

I am so, so bored right now. I think I will collect lint from under the furniture and create soft sculpture with it.

Meanwhile, a few odds and ends:

- Seven Layer Burrito, how I love you.

- Did anybody read or like my story?

- Abbie is developing curiosity.

- Last night I dreamed I had to kill the piggies, but then they came back to life later.

- I'm really sore from working out two days in a row.

- Started reading The Long Emergency. Am not depressed or surprised by it.

- One of my clients called me 5 times today :(

- Got a very nice compliment today from somebody :) *blushes*
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