July 27th, 2005

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The Cat and the Guinea Pig

Well, yesterday Daniel showed me the pictures he took Sunday, when Pugsley once again met the piggies. BTW, for scale purposes, note that Pugsley is a Maine coon cat and rather large. Also, the guy in the red shirt is Daniel, the one in the green is Caleb.

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Again, no piggies were harmed in this encounter. Both cat and piggies lack the instinct to know they should be enemies. Abbie thinks the cat is a friend, although she did nip him on the paw when he moved too quick. The cat doesn't care. YinYang is the only skeptical one.
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Attempting to Keep Cool

My place has seven large windows. Right now the shades are pulled all the way down on six of them and on the seventh, next to my sun-loving birds' cage, I have the shade half-way down. It's not at all dark in here, since light seeps in around the bottom and sides of the shades, but it seems odd to walk around and not be able to see outside. I hope I'm keeping the place a little cooler by doing this.

Fiddled with my thermostat. The central cooling system didn't seem to be working yesterday and today when I got up the temperature showed up at 88. At 8 a.m. So I fell back on the old solution of switching it off and then switching off the electric switch, then restarting after 30 seconds. The temperature is now supposedly 84 but it feels cooler than that.

The office is still hot and airless. The other rooms are not so bad. I realllllly need to pull myself together and order the laptop I keep talking about. If I had that, plus a wireless network, I would be in the living room now, where it's a lot cooler.

Yesterday evening Caleb, Daniel and I headed to the Olympic Rings fountain at Centennial Olympic Park. We all wore shorts and T-shirts and sandals. Along with hundreds of kids and a few other adults, we ran around in the jets and got completely soaked. It felt so good! I didn't particularly like walking home in wet clothes, as I don't like being wet once I'm out of the water, but it definitely got us out of the heat for a bit.

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Beyond me

I just wrote a reply to a guy who wanted me to redesign the web site for his janitorial cleaning services company. It looks like a really cool job and would pay well, only they want some bells & whistles I just can't provide. Like online invoicing, online scheduling, online payment, that kind of thing. I told him I was fully capable of doing the whole design portion of the site, even designing the forms for it, but as far as backend goes... *Sigh* I said I could find outside services or software -- true, but I doubt this will get me a client. Who knows though, as often it's honesty like this that has won me jobs. It might be he would be fine having me design a great looking web site and then hire somebody else to do the whiz-bang stuff.

Meanwhile, I have a whole hunk of work to do now. Going to be doing some complex Javascript-layers interaction stuff for the afternoon, I may be quiet for a bit. I know, you're all grateful.