July 30th, 2005

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After a Bath

Took these pictures the other day while my piggies were drying out after a bath. I usually put them in an old tomato crate box and meanwhile clean out their cage. The whole time, they sit there looking totally pathetic and giving me "I hate you" stares for getting them wet. But they are still so cute!

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(Note to xanath: you can see that 50s table in the pictures.)
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Wendy Is...

Google "your name is" -- for example: "rob is" or "sally is" Leave in quotes.
Then pick and post your favorite ten.

Wendy is Back from Europe
Wendy is very much aware of and rooted in the Australian quilting tradition
Wendy is the powerful central character
Wendy is an extremely valuable, nay addictive service
Wendy is excited about the cool, new equipment
Wendy is one of the people who developed this website
Wendy is a strong proponent of healthy sexuality.
Wendy is married to Brian Ashcroft.
Wendy is fighting to keep up with me.
[Dear] Wendy is the latest collaboration between Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg

It was hard to pick 10. I felt almost everything in the top 40 results was funny in some way. There were also some references to Wendy's restaurant chain in there, but I skipped them.
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Decisions, decisions

So once again I have the choice between going to a fun event I've been to before or going on a neat trip with Caleb. Earlier this year I chose Savannah over Atlanta Pride.

This Labor Day weekend, I'm faced with a choice of Dragon*Con versus Vermont.

Caleb's going up to Vermont for a few days and maybe even visiting Albany for a day and it sounds like a great trip, not even too expensive. I was all set to go until he reminder me it was Labor Day weekend. I don't actually have a D*C membership, since I was just going to walk over on like Wednesday and get a walk-in ticket, so not like I will lose money, but on the other hand... D*C is such a good chance to see friends from Outworlders, dress crazy, see interesting workshops, buy jewelry. And this year I am not running a track so I can just, well, enjoy things.

Right now I'm honestly leaning towards Vermont, as D*C will come again next year and might even be more fun by then if I give it a rest. Meanwhile I'll be visiting Caleb's grandparents, who won't be around forever. I used to go up and see his parents and run around Vermont with him a lot but it's been like five years now. Other perks would include riding the train from New York to Albany (works out cheaper than flying all the way up) and possibly staying overnight in Albany at a B&B.
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Random bits

Once again, it's time for Random Bits -- recent events and thoughts that aren't big enough to merit their own post but which I want to put down:

Sandals on My Feet
In Italy I got myself what have turned out to be a great pair of sandals. They're black, German-style semi-macho sandals. Like Birkenstocks, only not ugly :) The uppers are suede, so is the footpad, and the bottom is nice solid yet flexible rubber with good tread. Sooooo comfortable. I've been wearing them all the time because of the comfort and the fact they're awesome in the heat. And this way I can stop wearing "girl shoes" for a few weeks and avoid all tights and pantyhose! Possibly all the scars and blister wounds from my winter shoes will finally heal up.

My Head
Have had a rotten sinus headache all day, mainly focused on top of my eyesockets. Acupressure doesn't seem to help for long, nor does aspirin. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be gone. *Sigh*. After 2-3 months of hardly any headaches -- thanks to Lexapro, I'm pretty sure -- this whole week I've had headaches. I think it's from the bad air affecting my sinuses, because aspirin isn't working, which it would if it was a chemical type headache.

Cutting Up the Body
Just watched another one of those plastic surgery shows. I have to say, that I pretty consistently believe that plastic surgery is a great thing for people who have major disfigurements that severely affect the way people see them or self-esteem, BUT most of the people shown aren't doing it for that reason. I just don't get the concept of spending $20,000 to go up a cup size and give yourself a chin. A scar on your face, drooping skin from major weight loss, massively uneven boobs, I can see needing help, but this quest for "the perfect body" seems like a symptom of a sickness. People can do whatever they want and hey, tattoos, piercings don't bug me, so why not plastic surgery, but somehow it does.

(To briefly fall into the spirit of the show, which is like an ad for plastic surgery... I have to say if I could fix ONE thing on my body, it probably would be to make my boobs the same size. One is a C, one is a DD. I'm not sure I'd want to be both C or both DD. The thing is, I have a phobia over surgery, question the wisdom of any type of unnecessary surgery, and can't afford it anyway.)

Dream Kitty
Today I stopped by Petco to get some piggy supplies and could not resist visiting the little kitties up for adoption from a local rescue. One in particular, a 4-month-old black kitten named Jonathan, totally stole my heart. He was in a cage with 5 other kitties, all of whom were sleeping, and he was there trying to get anybody to scratch him or cuddle through the bars. I finally did something I've never done with any animal at one of those adoption centers, which is ask to hold him. He was so sweet and gentle. The woman there said he'd been rescued as a young kitten and bottlefed since his mom was nowhere to be found, thus the cuddliness. If I didn't have the birds I would have taken him home, as I'm positive that kitty would get on with the piggies. Alas, birds and cat are not compatible.

Another Wild Morning Dream
It happened again -- I woke up early, decided it wasn't time to get up, fell asleep and then for an hour or so, had a really crazy dream.

This time it was me and some other teenage girls (I was younger again) were going to northeast South America on some kind of field trip, when our plane crashed and we somehow ended up in... Morocco. Where, naturally, we were sort of taken hostage, although truthfully the guys were really nice to us, putting us up in a fancy hotel, letting us roam around, letting us go shopping with money they supplied. The only thing was, we couldn't contact anybody for help and couldn't speak the language around there. I kept trying to email my mom or get my T-Mobile service to work, but it didn't. It was very strange, especially since a few times I found myself in Germany instead of Morocco.

Finally I was roaming around in this rather Escher-like high school, through these strange corridors, when I emerged and realized I was in the States again. I said hi to everybody, then said I had to go back to where I was being held hostage or else they'd notice I was gone and get mad. I then thought, "This is so stupid... I should go bring the other girls here and we can all escape through the 'wormhole' I've found!" At this point I woke up.