August 3rd, 2005

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Yet another crazy morning dream

My tendency to wake up a few times before actually getting up seems to result in some strange dreams. Very strange. This morning, somewhere between 7 and 8, my brain mixed together an elaborate concoction that included:
  • In some sort of alternate universe: Me being in college, about to finish my degree, and my mom and dad suddenly being like, "So, when are you going to buy a car? And move out? And get a job?" I got super upset because I realized I wasn't going to get a car and had to live in a city with good transit, but I didn't have a job. Got really irritated with my parents and went to Caleb for help. Caleb somehow had got this amazing penthouse apartment which he'd bought for like $5 and then managed to buy all the adjacent units. He was totally rich but when I asked him for advice he said I had to work it out on my own. *rolls eyes* (Now what does THAT mean?)

  • Mom telling me this story about her and dad as young people and how, in some kind of alternative NYC), there was this bridge crossing the East River with a kind of rocky beach under it. Mom, Dad and friends started up a beach club and would hang out there. It was family-oriented, except late at night, when the women would strip... while the men would project spotlights behind them to make silloettes. All these people living in riverside apartments got a great show. I saw this entire episode and actually wound up in it somehow. Just like something in Woody Allen's Radio Days.

  • Great game of spin-the-bottle/kissing-musical-chairs involving some really hot lesbians.

  • Bizarre episode where I was in my alternative Manhattan (recurs in dreams) and trying to take a picture. Somehow the island was really high, like a cliff and I was taking pictures of the view below, and every time I did it, I felt like I was going to fall off. Plus when I took out my camera I realized it was just a portable flat-screen TV, not a camera. Which sucks because some lady wanted to borrow my camera and I had to explain about this.

  • Flying in an airplane, supposedly going up the Hudson River, and seeing all these huge bears running around everywhere. The perspective was totally bizarre, like we were high above and yet the ground was like 5 feet away. Then there were all these heliocopters flying around with freight payloads and the pilot didn't seem to care. I don't know how we didn't crash.

  • Caleb had some trained ferrets.

  • My mom showed me this amazing antique lamp she found that... *memory fizzling* had these devices on it that let you shrink down kitten to the size of ants, so the kitten could all sleep on this platform on the lamp at night. (Um... WTF?)

  • Whole episode where I was being forced to take some drugs and get an operation by some doctors. It wasn't an apendectomy either, but something like a lobotomy or other brain alteration. People I knew were around me but none of them would intervene.

There was a lot more going on, but it's fading.
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So it turns out I don't have to decide between Dragon*Con and Vermont after all! I can go to both.

Caleb looked into booking tickets for over Labor Day weekend, but things were either booked up or two price, so we're going later in the month, on a direct flight to Albany. (Yes, Albany is not in Vermont but it's much closer to Caleb's hometown than Burlington, plus a bigger airport I think.) Anyway, so now I have a nice trip to Vermont to look forward to.

Besides seeing Caleb's family and Albany, we may make a day trip -- options & ideas include Northampton, Burlington, Saratoga, and Montreal. Any of those sound good to me, though Burlington or Montreal would be long car trips. Oh, and we might get to visit my brother & his family, depending on whether we go north. He lives in Bristol, a pretty little town in west central Vermont.

Considering the flight is direct, the fare isn't bad, and I guess since he entered my SkyMiles number, I am adding on to my very meager miles account. I don't think I've flown Delta in like 5 years, since I gave up on them and decided AirTran is loads better.
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This vegetarian is getting hungry

I've spent the past couple of hours doing Google searches on Italian cured meats. As part of the imported Italian food web site I'm working on, not just because I feel like it. Looking for descriptions and pictures of sopressata, pancetta, salami, prosciutto, etc. Man, I want a sandwich so bad! This is true even though I have learned what these things are made of... like guanciale is made from pork jowl.

Oh, and I think I have a new pseudonym: Speck Biellese. It's a kind of smoked ham. But what a great name. Currently my IM name is Rufus Bellisle and I want to keep that, but if I need another fake name, Speck is a good one. And I could go to the Speckfest.
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Wonderful Wednesday

I had a really great day today, one of those days where things go right, there isn't a lot of stress, I met goals, got exercise, ate well and feel like good days are ahead.

It started with good news at the scale, which got me revved up. Then, because I had a headache, I did about 10 minutes of Reiki, which helped a lot actually. After my usual freshen, breakfast, and pig-feeding, I went down to get my paper. There I got into a 10-minute conversation with Bernice, my favorite building security officer, about mental health. Her husband has been suffering anxiety attacks and depression but hasn't gone to a doctor about it. I gave her some information on it, like how being unemployed, sick and alone all day was probably a big factor and he should get some help. She really appreciated the information, as she's having to cope with all these problems without knowing what to do. I hope she's able to get him some help.

After that I got right to work. There were numerous site edits I had to catch up on, as usual, and did that with a surprising amount of focus. Here, I have to say I can totally see the Lexapro helping me because when I was depressed I used to get so distracted all the time and found it hard to work on maintenance unless I was having a manic/hyper day. Lately I've been much more able to say, "This is what I'm going to do," and then DO it! Anyway, did work, then had a lunch break with some yummy soup I'd made, plus a banana pudding dessert using a packet I bought in England. After a rest of around an hour, I sat down and worked on the Italian imported foods site I'm doing, putting together the meats page, with all the pictures and descriptions. I'm kind of annoyed at how the client expects me to gather up so much of the info myself, but I'm coping well and happy to be getting the site done at last.

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Now I'm home and all hyper. I figured out that I biked 10 miles today, 6 on the exercise bike, 4 on my real bike. I feel so clean, like all the toxins are worked out of my system.