August 4th, 2005

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I'm home all day and I have to say, the telemarketing calls haven't really been a big problem. I definitely know No Call lists have had an effect, because in general I only get calls from organizations I've dealt with before and/or local political candidates. However, there is one group of telemarketers who consistently call me and they drive me NUTS. I'm talking about the Indian telemarketers who are always calling themselves American names and then trying to offer mortgage refinancing. And calling at horrible times, like today, 8:30 in the morning. "Hello, my name is Sally Jones..." Sorry, lady, your name is NOT Sally! And I don't want to talk to you. I just hung up. Rude, but I am SICK of them. Sometimes they will call 4-5 times a day, then no calls for a week. I suppose I should speak up and say, "Take me OFF your list," but I'm so eager to get them off the phone, I forget.
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New volunteer work

Well, now that I've had my volunteer interview, it looks like I'm going to be a volunteer at the Atlanta Humane Society. I'll be working in the adoptions department, coming in once a week (for around 4 hours) to show animals to people and care for the animals, like taking dogs on walks. I'd like to help with the mobile adoptions unit as well, at least when they have events at places intown, like the Petsmart and Petco I go to. There I would basically cuddle cats and dogs and get people to take the sweethearts home.

Among the many things that will be nice about volunteering at the shelter is the fact I'll get exercise every time I go. It's a 2-mi. bike ride each way. Compared to bike rides I go on with Caleb that's not a lot but still, 4 miles is 4 miles I wouldn't normally be biking. Biking also works out great because the shelter recommends volunteers change their clothes before and after their shifts, which will be no problem since sweaty biking clothes will come off as soon as I get home.

I revisted the cat room after my interview and spent around 20 minutes in there. There are *several* cats I want. My favorite is still Syrup, the beauty tabbycat who kind of looks part Maine coon. Soooo sweet. She has a sister named Pancake :) I also found this HUUUUUGE orange cat who was just brought in as a stray. He's bigger than Daniel's cat Pugsley and several people said, "Whoah, I didn't know cats could get that big!" He's not fat, just giant. Hopefully when I'm finally able to have a cat (to be morbid, once my birds have passed away) I will be able to find cats just as wonderful as the ones there today. I noticed that quite a few of the ones I liked were marked as being declawed, required to be indoors, which would be perfect for me. I don't support declawing cats but if they already like that, they would be 100% inside with me.
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Knocked out

Just woke up from another of those ka-thunk naps of mine. It's like a little idiot light comes on in my brain and I think, "Man, I'm taking a nap." I climb in bed and I'm out. This time, for almost two hours! Doesn't happen every day, just a couple of times a week.
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Browser meme

Type in individual letters of the alphabet and see what sites your browser attempts to auto-complete. I used to love those "My favorite links" web pages but nobody does that anymore.

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The lazy movie-lover

Movies I really ought to see in the theaters now but probably won't... because I can never make myself go to the movies. I will haul my butt up to Buckhead for my allergy shot but not a movie? I don't get it either.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Aristocrats
Darwin's Nightmare
March of the Penguins
Batman Begins
Hustle & Flow

A few of those probably aren't IN theaters as they are either new or independent or both, but hey, this is all theoretical.

I'm not sure, but I don't think I've gone to the movies at all this year. The last movie I remember seeing in a theater is Sky Captain. I also saw each of the LotR movies twice.

I *love* movies but I can't be motivated to even watch them on TV, let alone rent them, which I now can, thanks to and Netflix (never tried, but could).

Sigh. Maybe someday I will regain the joy.
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Blitzkrieg aus dem Fenster

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring!

Man, kapow! with the rain. I noticed major lightning flashes in the east, starting around 20 minutes ago and now there's all this rain going sideways. Making a total racket on my windows and out the office window here, I see all this rain glowing in the streetlights as it blows sideways between my building and the next, like some kind of river of rain.

This is pretty awesome but, damn, tomorrow is going to be SO humid!
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Fun with the eye

I was just going through my "Fun Stuff" browser bookmarks and came across this feature from SciFiDimensions on optical illusions. It has some *great* examples!

I've loved stuff like this since I was little. I had several books of optical illusions. This included a super cool Dover reproduction of a Victorian book on "mysterious motion" where you put a piece of plastic with lines on top of etchings, move it around, and the pictures seem to move. I still have that book and find it totally engrossing.

I even had optical illusion coloring books. I enjoyed these kind of coloring books, plus the plain pattern geometry ones, much better than the regular picture ones. I loved coloring in all the tiny bits, creating symmetry, patterns, etc., like tiles.

Even today I have a fascination for geometric patterns, which goes along with my love of Art Deco, old-fashioned tiled floors, Ancient Roman mosaic work, M.C. Escher, and 1960s polyester print fabric. Tonight I went to an exhibit of quilts and I loved the geometry of it. Some people find repeated geometric patterns "mechnical" and "cold" but I find them very interesting.
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