August 8th, 2005

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La Dolce Vita

Just finished watching La Dolce Vita. First time seeing it. Considering how cynical this film is and the fact it's aimed at showing the meaningless in modern society, I'm kind of distrubed with how eerily reminiscent it is to things in my own life. A lot of the crazy parties, even the fountain scene, were like things that have happened on nights out with Caleb or in Germany, just these crazy nights with friends and moonlight. The scene with Marcello & his girlfriend having their "final" argument in the car was like deja vu, it was so familiar -- in particular how she gets back in the car after all that. Sigh. Still, I swear, except for Wings of Desire, this film pretty much feels like my life more than any other movie.

It's late. I didn't check the time on the movie and didn't realize it's about three hours long instead of 90 minutes, which is what I'd guessed. Bedtime. More later.
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Another dream

Today I overslept with crazy dreams again, although this time I didn't wake up at 7 and then have the dream. I just had a dream that kept me in bed well past wake-up time. A La Dolce Vita dream! It wasn't actually the movie but it was inspired by it. The part I remember was a huge fight between a husband and wife, with the husband telling the wife he was going to chain her to their bed for the rest of her life and she would be there for him like a good woman. There was also a bit with me trying over and over to count the number of CDs in my collection, only to get interrupted by somebody, which was making me realllly mad. So a pretty hostile dream.

Got a lot of work to do today.