August 9th, 2005

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The undertow of dreams

Had another "morning dream." These dreams are like undertow or something. I'll wake up, feel like I'm not ready to get up, and then get pulled asleep again for an hour of dreams that leave me feeling thrashed, they're so intense.

This morning's dream was set in Alternate New York. This is a recurring setting that's shown up in my dreams for years. It's Manhattan, and yet it's NOT Manhattan, because there are features in it I know are not there. One central feature seems to be this really posh mall somewhere in Midtown, only it's not one of the existing malls (like Manhattan Mall) but something my brain has made up. This mall is not just a mall, but also a bus and train station. But it's luxurious, with a Bloomingdale's in it. So it's sort of like Phipps Plaza meets Port Authority. Another feature of Alternate New York is that the whole area around Central Park is completely wrong. Instead of it being highrise apartments, my brain has it be all these bungaloes with canals going between them. It's kind of rural actually. Interspersed with them are bits of NYC type things, like lots filled with rusting machinery, factories, etc., and I know it's NYC only... it's not.

A lot of things happened in today's dream, but I only remember bits and pieces:

  • I'm at a movie theater that has padded diner benches instead of regular seats. I sit down at the end of a row and this fat lady nearly crushses me by coming up on my other side and lying down on my stomach. I'm like, "Do you mind?????" While waiting for the movie to start, I get into a conversation with her, her kids and a few other random strangers. We get into a discussion about "safety" in New York and one person says, "My friend won't visit because she keeps asking if anybody on the street will do something weird." To which I declare, "It's New York, Jesus Christ, of course you'll see something weird!" I then go on to say that at least in NYC you are not constantly harassed by panhandlers, unlike here. Everybody nods.

  • I really don't remember how this happened but I think in that same movie theater, I wound up in a 5-way make-out and cuddle session. A couple of people involved were girls I knew growing up. I kept thinking it was good she couldn't see it was me kissing her or she'd be mad.

  • Somehow I stumbled into this very un-Manhattan ramshackle house filled with odd little shops. One of them was an antiques/junk shop and they had some great stuff, only I was riding my bike so I couldn't carry much. I kept finding all these Ernie (from Sesame Street) dolls I liked, only instead of having his normal clothes on, he had stupid Big Bird bodies or was all covered in blue fur like a Muppet monster.

  • I had a hotel that seemed be somewhere in the East Village, yet if you went west you'd end up in Midtown. Anyway, to get there I rollerskated. I was really good too, since I could rollerskate uphill, up stairs, etc. Everybody was stairing as if people don't rollerskate around.
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Another day, another site

I've finished the Italian food site:

The only thing that's not done is adding in pictures for about half the products. My client basically gave me a CD of images and said to "find" the pictures. He also said to just go on the Internet and find them. For some things, especially brand-name products, this was easy, but for a lot of them, it was hard because the sites were in Italian or I couldn't be sure the product was the same as what was listed in inventory. I did a good job considering. I figure I can always add any pictures the client gives me. It's not really my job to supply pictures of his products, is it?

Meanwhile the next step is going to be a visit to the Antico Mercante warehouse in College Park. I'm going to be allowed to go on a shopping trip in Italian food heaven, then deduct the (wholesale) price off the remainder of his bill. Sounds like a yummy deal!
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Recording my parents' lives

Last time I visited home, Dad asked me if I would write biographies of him and Mom. He wasn't asking for a book or anything, just basic biographies talking about their lives, what they've done and enjoyed in life, etc.

Of all the kids I am the best writer and also have the most interest in family history. In the past I've interviewed Dad about his childhood and Mom about hers too, plus I interviewed Mom about Opa so I could write a report on him.

Anyway, I just sent Mom two Word documents, each with questions about Childhood, Adulthood and Other Things, so I can fill in my biographies with more details, like favorite movies, vacations, specific dates, how they met, etc. When I get the questions back I will probably post them here.

Dad explained that he wasn't asking me to do this simply to have something for an obituary or a funeral service, but so that our family would have a recorded history we could pass down to everybody. When I'm done with the biographies I guess I can have them printed and send copies to all my siblings and such.

Back in time with Mom

Earlier today I sent off two lists of questions for my parents to answer, so I can write biographies. Well, Mom wrote back and said she would do it, but she also said she had done a project a few years ago with my niece Ashley. Ashley did a project where she asked Mom about her life when she was 13. Mom had a lot of fun doing those and found that once she started, she couldn't stop, because all the memories came back. Anyway, Mom still had all the files on her computer so she sent them to me. And, boy, Mom wasn't kidding -- her memories just poured out.

I'd like to share some of the most interesting bits Mom shared with Ashley (and consequently, me). This is all stuff where she's describing her life as a 13-year-old living in the Bronx in 1949-1950. I will be getting more stuff from her for my biography.

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Hope everybody enjoys this trip back to the 40s.