August 11th, 2005

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Bus dream

A lot of my dreams involve trains, which is really no wonder. Just now, I had a dream about buses. Soooooo weird!

The best I can remember, Caleb and I were at some big bus station trying to get to Charlotte. Why we'd be going there, I have no clue, but there we were at this bus depot that had all these different bus lines. We were waiting on this one Big Blue to take us there, only for some reason we had no idea when the bus came, and thus had to hang around the station allllll day waiting. I was super irritated by this, while Caleb, who normally hates waiting more than one minute for a bus, was calm and kept telling me to relax. Meanwhile I kept checking for the bus, sure we'd miss it.

Finally I noticed some people -- the "bus crew," as if such a thing exists -- waiting at the stop. I ran to get Caleb, convinced it was going to leave any second, and he comes sauntering over. Just then, there's a PA announcement that I have to go to the main office. I'm really pissed, but Caleb is like, "You have one minute, what are you worried about?" So I run over and out the window they're yelling something about why did I leave those toys in so-in-so's room (another part of the plot) and I scream back, "It's a gift!" and run back to the stop. Where, it turns out, there's this young guy who happens to be driving to Charlotte and offers us a ride! After waiting all day, I am totally pissed off, but grateful all the same, since the car will be faster. And we ride off towards Charlotte.

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Somebody gotta do it

Everybody is dying to see the renderings of the potential new NASCAR Hall of Fame here in Atlanta. There've been articles in the paper about it, since the paper sued under the Open Records act to see the plans, since public money will be involved.

Well, I just got up early so I could launch the updates to the Hall of Fame Bid Site in time to coincide with the official press announcement.

It's weird how the news affects us. I totally want to go to bed now.
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Piggy piggies

People ask me, "So what do guinea pigs eat?" I think a better question, "What DON'T they eat?" LOL.

Besides, timothy hay and special pellets, my guinea pigs eat:

romaine lettuce
dandelion greens
sweet potatoes
orange peels
muscadine grapes
banana peels
corn husks
corn silk
corn cobs

A lot of the sweets on the list are more daily "treats" than regular food, since like people they shouldn't get a ton of sweets, but they love sugar. Mainly they get greens like parsley or dandelion greens. But I swear, there are very few fruits or vegies they don't like. (They don't care for asparagus or strong greens like collards, for example.) Good thing I'm both a vegetarian and somebody who loves fruits & vegies. I buy certain things just for them (greens) but mainly I just toss them things I'm eating.
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Zzzz medicine

I think I may experiment with my doctor's advice of taking Lexapro at night instead of in the morning. I mean, I had no problem with the napping it caused, but when you're taking a nap at 10:45 (today), something is up. Besides, depression makes you sleepy... and anti-depressants make you sleepier? What's up with that? I seem to get tired within 2-4 hours of taking the medicine, then I perk up in the evening. The doctor suggested taking it before bed and then I would sleep really soundly. Hmm.
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Ebert does what only he could do

Roger Ebert reviews The Dukes of Hazzard!

Ebert had never ever seen the TV series before seeing the movie. So he's got an outsider's POV and it's rather hilarious. All in all, a fair review I guess.


...As it happens, I also drove a 1969 Dodge Charger. You could have told them apart because mine did not have a Confederate flag painted on the roof...

...I wonder if there were moments when Reynolds reflected that, karma-wise, this movie was the second half of what "Smokey and the Bandit" was the first half of...

...Surely if you have seen, say, 12 scenes of a car flying through the air, you are not consumed by a need to see 12 more...
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