August 16th, 2005

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Tales from CVS

In the eight years I've lived in Atlanta, I've been a frequent customer at the CVS at Five Points, a.k.a. "Ghetto CVS." Honestly, the store has improved a lot over the years -- moved to a larger store, got better management, cleaner, etc. -- but mostly due to the clientele, it still is pretty ghetto. Not that this is a necessarily a bad thing, since it doesn't affect my shopping (I get what I want) and it also is pretty amusing or if not amusing, then interesting.

Some incidents from today's visit:

"If I had one of 'dem microwaves, I would get me those there Hot Pockets... Did you hear me? If I had a microwave, those Hot Pockets are on sale! Hey... wait, L'il Debbie Fancy Cakes are on sale!"

Manager on P.A. system, summoning the deliveryman:
"L'il Debbie to the back, please. L'il Debbie, please come to the back."

Finally, I had to wait a while to check out, due to a problem with the register. While in line, I noticed this odd sound behind me, like somebody sucking in a sharp breath through a straw. It came about every couple of seconds. I half turned and realized the guy behind me had a tube in his nose and was on oxygen. He had a cane and I felt bad he had to wait so long in line. After I checked out, he ordered a couple packs of cigarettes.
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It's weird. For the past few days, maybe even a couple weeks, I've been exhibiting symptoms I used to have from depression... only minus the depressed part. Like I'm lethargic, undermotivated, can't keep the house clean, and get headaches... only I don't feel bad. No super negative thoughts, no crying, and I'm pretty upbeat, even cheerful, but I'm acting like a lazy slob. I wonder if it's just this stupid weather. August sucks!
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My warning label

No smoking around wiebke. Thankyou for your co-operation.



There are several people for whom I make exceptions to this rule (*cough cough*) but yeah, in general, this label would be good on a T-shirt for me.
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This 'n That

Movie Rec
Mom sent me the 20th anniversary edition of From Mao to Mozart on DVD for my birthday. We took out from the library several times when I was growing up, we bothed loved it so much. The movie covers Isaac Stern's groundbreaking visit to China in 1979, during which he worked hard to spread the inner spirit of Western Classical music to a country still recovering from the Cultural Revolution. This is a great documentary, notable for Stern's wonderful hands-on teaching of students, a great soundtrack of Western as well as Chinese music, and lots of great footage of China. This new edition also had some neat extras, like a documentary on Stern's 1999 visit and a profile of the Shanghai Conservatory director shown in the original movie, talking about his imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution. From Mao to Mozart won an Oscar for Best Documentary.

Maybe I'm less wussy than I think
When I was half-way through my workout tonight, this other resident came in and started to work out. His presence reminded me of something I've noticed, which is that whenever some other person comes in to work out, they always seem to only do it for a short time, whereas I'm in there for a long time. Many people seem to come in, do 20 minutes on a machine, then leave. I am not much of an exercise queen, but I do 35 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then the weights. I sometimes do stairmaster as well, so I spend over an hour working.

Also funny: Last week I noticed the treadmill was off balance and would tilt all over the place when I used it. I couldn't use it and decided to wait until somebody else fixed it. After all, it was obvious you'd have to lift it up and shift it to fix it. When I came in Friday and it was still broken I took matters into my own hands. Figuring out that the back right leg had come unscrewed, I managed to lift up this super heavy treadmill on my own and insert it back on. I felt like The Hulk!

My birthday's on Monday. I don't have a clue what I'll be doing. I do know I'm meeting with Franco on Sunday so hopefully I will have a ton of fresh Italian goodies I can enjoy that day, but as far as anything else, no clue. I hope it's not a scorching hot day that day. I also hope I can have my whole place clean and nice before then too. Hate to have a party in a hole!