August 18th, 2005

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Wednesday miscellany

Haven't posted much today, mainly because my broadband decided to crap out of me yesterday and still isn't back. As a result I'm on dial-up, which tends to keep me from doing quite as much non-essential web stuff.

I also spent about five hours working on Tom Haney's site, adding in I think around 10 new pieces, complete with Quicktime vids and so on. (Yes, I had to upload Quicktime using dial-up. It took around 3 hours for the 13 of them.) I also decided to ditch the FONT tags all over the side and replaced them with a style sheet.

Other stuff from today:

  • My order of a 10 lb. bag of timothy hay arrived today. When the guard downstairs gave it to me, I was like, "What's this huge box from Pennsylvania?" but then it dawned on me. "Oh, it's hay!" I said. The guard was like, "I thought I smelled grass..."
  • Pigs have been doing this "We're starving!" act all day, even though they got plenty of fresh food. They think their distressed faces can manipulate me. They can a little, but not 100 times a day.
  • All 3 film books I placed on eBay sold and another one I have up has 2 bids so far. I'm glad to be rid of those books!
  • My mom sent me a mystery book, I guess for my birthday. I don't like mystery but since Mom sent it, I guess I have to look.
  • Today I got an Amazon order I made months ago -- "Little Britain" Season 1 (just released this month), plus Parable of the Talents. Yay!
  • Writer's group was tonight and it went well. This year's Dragon*Con anthology is going to be pretty big. People liked my story about the Incan girl being sacrificed.
  • My house, esp. the kitchen, has reached a nadir of messiness and filthiness. This happens about every three months. I *must* do something about it tomorrow!
  • Speaking of tomorrow, time for bed.
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The eyesore is no more

I'm itchy, sweaty and have grit between my fingers, but I feel very accomplished, as I've just tackled The Disgusting Mess that was my main room. It took around three hours. Now I have livable space fit for guests, which is good since I really want to show Caleb & Daniel "Little Britain" and oh, wow, the idea of prepping a meal on the cook island -- without a virtual garbage bin on the counter -- is quite appealing!
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Easy, Tasty Pasta Recipe

I threw this together tonight. Usually I'm all about recipes, since "winging it" usually ends up being rather foul, but this time I scored a home run. And it's easy!


[I'm putting it down exactly as I made it. This recipe will feed 2 people who are eating light or one person with a big appetite.]

1/4 lb. pasta (rec. fettucine)
2 tbsp. olive oil
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
3/4 fresh tomato, chopped
1 tsp. dried basil
salt & pepper to taste

1. Boil water in large pot. Add salt if desired.
2. While water is heating up, heat oil in frying pan on high. After 1 min., add garlic, then lower heat to medium. Continue to saute until water is boiling.
3. When water is at a rolling boil, add pasta. Fettucine takes around 5-6 min. too cook, esp. if it's fresh/handmade. Set a timer and/or pay attention so you don't overcook it.
4. As soon as pasta is in, add pepper, tomato, basil, pepper and (optional) salt to pan. Stir. Keep on medium for a couple of minutes, then turn on low. Cover.
5. When pasta is al dente, drain it, throw in bowl and toss with contents of pan.

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Delicious opera

Since Atlanta Opera is going to be doing it this coming season and I talked about going, Daniel loaned me Mozart's opera Die Entfuehrung aus dem Serail (Il Seraglio / Escape from the Turkish Harem). Really like it. I think out of all the opera out there, just as with Classical, I have to put Mozart at the top. The best parts of his opera are the fact you get to hear his orchestral music in there and then plus, there are these unique things he does with vocals. I love these sweet moments he does with the female singers, who seem to sort of sigh loudly, but in wonderful harmony.
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Home, clothes

There can't be a more mundane proclamation, but since it's kinda rare, I must announce that MY ENTIRE CONDO IS CLEAN! He he. I have a mug that says "I Dreamed My Whole House Was Clean" because for me, it really is a dream. If I clean up my bedroom, that just means that for the next week I'll pile my clothes in the bathroom. Or if the kitchen is spotless, breathtaking chaos will break out in my office. Having it all done at once is... odd, yet whoah, very nice.

In other random news, I was just in my wardrobe and thought, "Damn, that's a lot of skirts!" So I counted. I have 29 skirts. Is that a lot? I have about that many black or b&w tops, not even counting other color tops. And I have about 20 coats and jackets. Yeah, bit of a clothes hound!