August 19th, 2005

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I'm having the most international appetizer plate: 4 Swedish hard bread biscuits with spreads of lingonberry jam, tahini, sundried tomato paste, and horseradish mustard. Not mixed, of course. Mmmm. This is what happens when you collect condiments from around the world.
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A few days ago I somehow finally figured out how to sing like an opera singer. Daniel and Dagmar both said I could do it. I have two voices, one soft and in tune, one extremely loud/carrying but out of tune. I couldn't seem to combine them and sing loudly in tune, but now I can. It takes a bit out of my throat, as I feel like I'm smashing together two powerful forces that don't want to mix, but I can do it. Quite a piercing voice! The only thing a bit bothersome is that this voice is very high; if I try to sing things in a lower range, I fall into the out of tune voice. But if I sing something like a Mozart soprano, that's fine. Oh, well. I will experiment and see what I can do. I have no voice training but it's pretty cool to sing this loud, I sound like a siren and you can probably hear me all the way down the hall.
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Latest Pell and Cal Pics

It's been a while since I either took or posted pictures of my little stinkers, Cal and Pell, but I finally did a photo shoot with them today. They really are stinkers but they don't mind the camera at all. Pell just exhudes "I'm soooooooo.... pretty!" LOL

"Psst! She's pointing that thing at us again!"

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Redundant salutation? What?

Just got another one of those web site emails I'm not gonna answer. Here it is, details edited to protect the foolish punks:

* Metro Girl Web Site Email *

redundant salutation

Shawn __________




I have just set up the temporary E-mail address above so that you can contact me more easily, or at least more cheaply than you might by celephone.

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This is a new one

I've been accused/assumed/questioned about being a lot of different nationalities -- German, Swiss, Austrian, Dutch, French, plus domestic things like Nebraskan, Minnesotan, etc., but tonight I got a new one: Somebody asked if I was Canadian! LOL.

It was the valet parking attendant for my building, who said I displayed a Montreal sense of fashion. When I said I was originally from Boston, he was like, "Oh, well, that's a lot closer to Canada than here." He also noted how he always sees me wearing a lot of black.

Man... Canadian? Makes me think about in "Get Fuzzy" when Satchel searches for his roots in Canada. It doesn't help that when I think about Canadian fashion, my mental image isn't Montreal, but backwoods Ontario, where I assure you they don't wear chic black clothes ;)
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OK, that't it: I'm no longer going to allow myself to play Bookworm on PopCap Games!

It's consuming my brain. When I close my eyes I see the letters and start forming words. For days I've been playing games of listing out words that start with certain letters, like BI, CU, etc. Like: bit, bite, bites, bitten, biteful, bib, bibs, bid, bids, bide, bides, bidden, big, bigger, biggest, bill, bills, billing, billed, etc.

And then there was this:

Today waiting for the elevator I starting thinking about how there's "citing" and then there's "kiting," which is pronounced different and has a different meaning. Then I thought about an academic paper could be "citing kiting." And then I was thinking there could be a news article talking about a "sighting of researchers citing kiting." And then I think there could be a site of kiting citing sighting... You could make up some weird poems that way, with other words like this, like: sign, sine, cine, Seine, sein.

No more Bookworm, even though (because?) I can now easily crack 200,000. Too much hold on my mind, like all PopCrack games.
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