August 20th, 2005

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Energy spurt at 4 a.m.

I woke up around 4 a.m. this morning. Most of the time I wake up and can fall asleep in 30 seconds, but it didn't happen and after 10 minutes I decided to get up. Here's what I wound up doing, in the middle of the night.

  • Played a long round of Bookworm. I know that wasn't smart and goes against what I said about not playing, but I figured the mindlessness would make me sleepy.
  • Checked PayPal and found I had three more payments for the Wraeththu picture book and one more for eBay, so I printed the invoices and got the packages ready for mailing Monday.
  • Watched 20 minutes of BBC World News.
  • Ate remainder of the flan I made last night.
  • Fed ever-hungry piggies some mixed greens.
  • Watched a half-hour of Ziegfield Girl (on AMC). My favorite part is when the blond supposedly has just got up and comes down with the most perfectly coifed hair AND a nightgown set I would die for.
  • Took care of some personal grooming, like nails and chin hair.
  • Did a long eBay search for 1960s Polaroid cameras (well, actually the cases) and found a mint condition "Swinger" model with case, which is just what I want. Put in a bid.
  • While falling asleep, planned out the pictures for my eBay listing of my 1950s dinette set.

I also invented two new words, which sound wonderful, although I have no idea what they might mean: wone and woaf. I think I will either write a nonsense poem with them or do a strange story about Wone and Woaf.

I was asleep again by 6:15, at which point the sun started to come up.
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