August 21st, 2005

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So tonight Caleb came across a bat, sitting on the sidewalk in front of my building. He called me down to come see it, but it had flown off by the time I got down there. He did some research and found out it was a Northern Yellow Bat. What it was doing on the sidewalk, we don't know, since it seemed to fly off OK. There are bats around here eating insects but you don't just see them on the sidewalk!

I like bats a lot. Reading up on them just now, I found a page I think is so cute, at least so long as you don't have some kind of batphobia: Adopt A Bat.

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Question for you reading

If I were ever to go back to school, what do you think would be a good area of study for me?

Not that I'm currently considering it, but living basically on a university campus (Georgia State), having worked at Georga Tech and having lots of friends & family who've gone, I do think about it from time to time. At Georgia Tech, there is only one degree of any interest to me, and it was some kind of interdisciplinary degree related to the web and various liberal arts and soft sciences. A few years ago I had this burning desire to attend Emory part-time and get a second BA, this time in Classics. I think I was just being romantic.

Anyway, curious if anybody else has thoughts on what they could see me studying?

Going to go study bed now. Night.
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