August 22nd, 2005

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I really have stuff to post about, but it's going to be a struggle since there's a very rambunctious kitten who is climbing all over me and keeps jumping on the keyboard.

Yes, a kitten. A six-week old kitten. Which Caleb and I found abandoned tonight and rescued. It's VERY grateful but demands to be within at minium 6 inches of me (preferably ON me) at all times. Or else it meows. A lot. Follows me *everywhere* too!

Um... Since the kitten is momentarily sitting at the edge of the desk rather quietly, observing my fingers, let me be ambitious and try to tell the story. (At this point Kitty is looking at me saying: "Me! I'm here! What are you doing? Me me me!!!!!")

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P.S. Oh, and it's my birthday today (Monday), so even if I don't get any spectacular gift it will be memorable b/c of the kitty.
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Kitty Pictures

As promised, here are pictures of Luckie the kitty.

Luckie sleeping on my desk this morning

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Meanwhile at this point I think I'm going to keep her. I've strategized and have concluded the bird thing will be OK. The birds simply will not have all-day free reign over the living room, but only in morning and dinner time and only when I'm there. The rest of the time they just sit there anyway, so keeping the cage closed is fine. Also, I can do things to discourage the kitty from getting too close to the cage.

As soon as the vet calls me back I want to take her in for a checkup. Besides the medical stuff, I want to see if they think Luckie is a regular tabby or if she might be part Ocicat or a spotted tabby. Her tummy is all spotted and she has other marks and dots on her that look less tabby than wild. However, she mainly looks tabby.
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Report from Kittyland

Well, little Luckie has had a good day. She seems to have calmed down a lot, now that she knows I'm not going to abandon her, so she's no longer crying and following me everywhere. She's also been doing a whole bunch of napping, which seems pretty normal for a cat, especially one recovering from spending a few days in scorching August weather. She's konked out in my lap right now.

Other updates:
  • Keeps playing with her tail, trying to "catch" and "kill" it. Other playtoys include my ivy plant and a tie-on kerchief I gave her. She loves the strings.
  • This morning she was very upset when I "abandoned" her to take a shower. I have a separate shower stall with clear glass walls and Luckie hopped up on the adjacent bathtub and watched me through the glass while meowing "Come out!"
  • Luckie is now spending time finding hiding places. So far her favorite is under my desk... specifically inside my desk. My desk is antique and there's no panel under the drawers so she climbs up behind them like it's a hollow tree or something! She also goes under the sofa, like any cat.
  • Kitty has little interest in the guinea pigs. Meanwhile I just read in a guinea pig magazine how most cats pose no threat to piggies, as they just don't inspire cats.
  • As far as the birds, so far today I haven't really done anything different with them. I did close the cage for a few hours in the middle of the day, but they don't go out in the day anyway. Luckie only really watched them one time and didn't actually jump up to their table to look, although she easily could. Meanwhile the birds seemed unsually mellow and relaxed today. Okay... I think I have a pretty simple solution to keeping them safe, most of which is just common sense.
  • I called the humane society vet clinic but the line was busy twice, so I then called the volunteer coordinator I know there. She was able to reach the clinic and said they only had one person on duty today and can't answer the phone... but they will call me so I can set up an appointment. Luckie will need a general health checkup and shots. (I'm not exactly what's needed as I've never had a cat.)
  • Will need to get a real litter box soon. Been using a fancy shoebox filled with shredded newspaper.
  • Other pet supplies I want to get her: cute little water & food bowls, scratching post, collar w/tag, scratching post. (Caleb says if I get her a post now it might keep her from wrecking my livingroom furniture so much.)
  • Luckie is short-haired and doesn't seem to shed much. I know she's still young and that could change, but so far, so good. Abbie sheds like a golden retriever so that's plenty of hair for me already!