August 23rd, 2005

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Night with kitty

Slept with the kitten again. I think the cat actually *ordered* me to bed! It was sometime after midnight and she started acting restless and meowing at me. I tried offering her food, water, litter box, but that wasn't it. As soon as I brushed my teeth and got in bed, though, she shut up, curled up in a ball beside me, and went to sleep. Gosh, it's like an overtired baby!

This time I slept a lot better, as I wasn't so worried about rolling on top of her or wondering where she was. Still, I woke up numerous times to do a quick check of where she was. Most times she was sprawled out next to me, but once she was gone. I got up looking for her, going "Kitten? Kitten?" and making kitty noises. I figured she'd got up to go use the litter box, but she wasn't over there. I tried going back to bed but I wanted to know where she was, so I got up again. Finally I heard rustling and there she was in the makeshift litter box. Poor baby still has diarrhea. Afterward she started crying and seemed distressed, but after I got her back in bed she quieted and fell asleep.

This morning when it was light and I really woke up, my first question was, "Where's kitten?" I'm super groggy in the morning so I clumsily looked around my bed and called for her. I didn't have to look far though, as she'd gone to the windowsill and curled up between piles of books. The sun was coming in from under the shade so she had the perfect cozy spot of warmth.

In a half an hour I'm going to call the vet clinic and see if I can get through to set up an appointment. Then kitty will get to ride on the bus! I have a cat carrier already, which is what I use for my guinea pigs. It's soooo big for her.
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Another kitty update

Just to be utterly pathetic, another post about the kitten.

Luckie and I had another good day.

She is super affectionate and keeps falling asleep in my lap while I'm typing. She also liked to lie across my neck and nuzzle my ear while purring loudly. Her periods of affection come every couple of hours. She'll sleep, eat, or amuse herself, but then she'll come to me looking for TLC. Loves head-butting me, nose-to-nose or nose-to-cheek.

Definitely will not have to bother with fancy toys for this cat. Lucky for me, she seems to love playing with stray pieces of hay, guinea pig litter, and bird feathers on the floor. She also finds the tassled edges of the rug to be the ultimate "prey" and pounces on the horrible wormies over and over.

Daniel gave me some real kitty litter last night and Luckie appreciates it. I think her poops are getting better. The adjustment to new food probably has done something to her guts. As for her eating, she chomped down a whole can of Fancy Feast this morning; it was the kind with gravy and I thought the liquid would do her good. Then she ate quite a bit of kitty dry food too. Chomp, chomp, chomp!

Finally, I've noticed since Sunday my two birds have been making new noises, like fancier songs or something. Today they were chortling and doing these calls which they've never done before. I would almost swear they are immitating the cat's meows! Pretty funny. I know last year I left them alone with the pigs for a week and when I got back from vacation the birds were immitating the pigs.