August 24th, 2005

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More Luckie

Luckie in one of her favorite spots.

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Lots of fun moments with the kitty today, the funniest of which was a supervised meeting with Abbie. From what we can tell, they might becomes buddies! Abbie isn't afraid of the kitty at all -- grooming herself and acting calm, with Luckie right there -- and the kitten meanwhile is curious but intimidated by Abbie's size, so therefore very respectful. Luckie even seemed like she wanted to show off in front of Abbie, rolling around giving "come hither" glances. Every time she's flip on her back, Abbie would come over and sniff. They sniffed noses a lot and exchanged little noises, Abbie making little peeps, Luckie little meows.

Meanwhile we also put Luckie with YinYang but results weren't as good. It's not that there's bad blood, but YinYang has better instincts than Abbie and the "This is a predator, run!" mechanism clicks a lot better. She will stay around and sniff noises with the cat, but she won't linger, just head back to the cage. Meanwhile the kitten seems to see YY as more of a "rodent," which is only right since she often looks like a very colorful, fat rat.

Several times today Luckie sat and watched the cage. She seems way more into Abbie, but it seems like more in this "I think that could be a kitten" type of way. That's pretty perceptive, since Abbie and YinYang really do look and act pretty differently.