August 26th, 2005

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Back from the vet

Well, we're back from the vet!

Aside from meowing unhappily during the trip there and back, Luckie was entirely well-behaved. She got her first shot and a dose of dewormer, not a peep, not a struggle. The vet, Dr. Hill, took her temp, listened to her heart, checked her ears, paws, etc., and pronounced her in perfect health. She also said Luckie is around 10 weeks, so older than we guessed. She weighs 2.2 lbs. Got some advice from the vet on food, flea medication, and when to come back for the next shot. I was happy with the clinic, especially when I got the bill and it was a lot less than I expected -- only half what it costs for my guinea pigs!

Luckie is now asleep under my chair, from all the excitement.
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This morning at the vet it was pointed out to me that kitty's "full name" is Luckie Darling. That's what you get when you have a "cute" last name.

Oh, and check out my new user pic! kazaore gave me a gift certificated recently and I used it to buy userpic space. 15 was just NOT enough for me!
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My eyes! My eyes!

I've seen a LOT of strange stuff -- particularly people - on the streets of Downtown Atlanta, but just now I saw something that had me standing there just kind of GAPING.

The scene: Sidewalk on Marietta St., one block from my building.
The players: Me, woman pushing wheelchair, person in wheelchair, various pedestrians

So I cross the street to go to the green grocer and I noticed a woman pushing someone in a wheelchair. I didn't pay much attention except to adjust my path accordingly, since normally wheelchairs don't go that fast.

This was when it got weird. First, the woman pushing starting running. Running with a wheelchair? I assumed they were catching a bus, but... whatever the reason, it caused the woman to run and... LOSE HER SHORTS!

So I'm there watching and at first I'm like, "Oh, plumber's butt!" But then, the shorts were past the ass and there were no undies. And they kept falling... and she kept running... with her bare brown ass jiggling. She didn't just run for a second either... it was like 15-20 feet.

Finally, when the shorts had got down past her knees, she stopped to pull them up. I waited for her to move on, since she was standing by the door to the grocer and I didn't want to be near the ass.

I'm sure there is a sad story associated with these folks -- there are mentally and physically sick people wandering all around here -- but still, I don't like ass!


On a related note, here's a list of some of the more noteworthy streetpeople in the neighborhood. I won't describe, only give the nicknames Caleb and I have given them:

Falling Down Pants Man
Flasher Woman
Holding His Head Man
Fashion Freak
Quarter Man
Muttering Hippy Woman

I personally haven't seen Rasputin yet but Caleb and Daniel say he hangs out by Daniel's building.

There's also a guy who works at the package store in Enrique's building. He wears a Superman suit.
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That wasn't so bad

I'm currently enjoying that feeling I get when I call somebody after procrastinating a few hours and having a really good outcome. Got a new client who does stonemasonry -- how cool is that? He sounds nice and we're meeting up Monday at Outwrite, the gay bookstore. (Actually he meant to set it for the Caribou across the street but I got confused and when he realized it he was like, "Oh, I've never been there... let's meet there!" Ha.)
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Invisible women

This article really struck me, because it points out something I knew unconsciously but don't think about directly too often:

Women on the List
By Sheila Gibbons, Women's eNews. Posted August 26, 2005.
Blurb: Forbes' latest roster of the world's most powerful women reads like a list of who's not making news.

"...How many of these women ring loud bells of recognition? Yes, I personally know quite a lot about Condi Rice, Oprah and Melinda Gates. But Wu Yi? Brenda Barnes? It's not that they're not important people--they certainly are--it's just that the media have not made them household names."

Gah. I have the same feeling about this as when I look at a breakdown of Congress -- that sick feeling that things are just NOT RIGHT.