August 27th, 2005

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Smart Kitty

Jeez, the kitten is smart, or at least, she has really good visual perception. I mean, I could tell that right off from how she looks at things and interacts with toys, but tonight, Daniel and I were very surprised:

I had sat down at the computer to show Daniel some pictures I'd found on the web showing Savannahs, which are the breed of cats we're pretty positive Luckie is. I'd found a few pictures of adult Savannah females who look very much like her. (For fun, check out this pic of mama and babies.) Anyway, he came over to look, holding Luckie in his arms.

Well, the kitten instantly saw the cat on the screen and was riveted. We put her on the desk and she walked up and pawed the screen *right* on the cat. When I switched to some other cat pictures, every time she reacted and pawed the screen. She liked this slide show a lot.

Luckie also watches TV. I was watching Animal Planet earlier today and she just STARED at some llamas or something. Caleb says he watched Independence Day with her tonight (while Daniel and I were at Six Flags) and she didn't like the alien monsters.

She even watches me play Bookworm on my computer, riveted by the mouse pointer and the exploding tiles.

This is so fun!
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Six Flags

Tonight was Coca Cola night at Six Flags Over Georgia (the company rents the WHOLE park!) and since Coke-employee Daniel had four passes, I got to go along. (Caleb hates amusement rides and stayed home). Man, was that fun! We went on four different roller-coasters: Georgia Scorcher, Batman (twice), Superman, and Mindbender -- plus the bumper cars. And we had cotton candy, Cokes, nachos, and funnel cake. We even had "Coke bucks" to use and free Coke vouchers. So all of this, minus the gas for driving, was pretty much free. Screamed so much I wrecked my throat :)
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Euro Trance Ahead

Haven't mentioned it here yet, but Caleb and I are going to a

BLANK & JONES show today, as they're DJ'ing at the GrooveFest. B&J are German DJ's are pretty much Caleb's favorite music makers and he found out only yesterday they'd be playing here in Atlanta.

I'm all dressed to go, just waiting on his call. They're DJ'ing 4-7 or something, which is an odd time but they just flew in from doing a show in Germany LAST NIGHT and are thus doing a show on European time :)
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Dumpster-diving kitty... and other comments

Naturally every day I have more little notes I want to make about Luckie.

Here are today's:

  • Luckie loves to play and will play with anything -- Carefresh guinea pig litter, crumpled up balls of copy paper, cotton balls, disposable coffee cup lids. She's also taken to dumpster diving, fishing stuff out of the garbage can in my office. Among other things, I've seen her playing with bubble wrap!
  • She has a great appetite; not only does she want all her food, she wants mine too. I have to fighh her off and discourage her from eating people food, but she tries hard. So far her favorite was a tuna wrap (and I admit, I put bits of tuna on the floor for her), but she's gone after some weird stuff too. Yesterday she took a CHOMP out of the raisin nut bread I was eating. She's also tried melted cheese, capers and Sun Chips. WTF?
  • Discovered just now that she prefers the scratching post on its side rather than standing up. Whatever... Long as she uses it, I don't care.
  • Luckie has to be watched so she doesn't jump in the pigs' cage. It's not that I think she'll hurt them, but seems to make the pigs really uneasy when she hops in there, and I can understand why. So when I see her start to hop in, I zap her with the water sprayer. She's usually out of there before the water hits her.
  • Was watching a nature doc on Animal Planet and there was this line growling. Every time it growled, Luckie would make this little squeaky meow.
  • She seems to be learning her name and she will come to me if I make the right noises. Cool!
  • Luckie is a rooster and wakes me up at dawn to play. *Sigh*

P.S. Blank & Jones was F*CKING UNBELIEVABLE. Best part: It was like a private backyard party, only with international club deejays.