August 28th, 2005

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I've joined a Yahoo! group oriented around Savannah cats, mainly to get people's opinions if Luckie is one and, if she is, to ask questions and so on. So far opinions are divided, but this morning she exhibited a charming characteric of the breed: she seems like she'll be very easily leash-trained. I'd like to be able to take out from time to time on short excursions, like on quiet Sundays. Anyway, I got a collar and leash Wednesday and have done some work in the living room, tricking her into walking on the leash mainly by danging a toy in front of her. Well, today I simply hooked her up and had her come with me to get the newspaper. She took a while to get to the elevator with me, flopping down like a petulant kid a few times, but she did make it all the way there without me carrying her. In the lobby she was still struggling. When I got back to my floor again, however, she walked on the leash just like a dog, no hesitation at all. Perhaps it was because she knew she was going towards home, but still... cool!
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10 Things I Have No Interest In
In No Particular Order
  1. Sports
  2. Cars
  3. Margaritas
  4. Organized religion
  5. Country music
  6. Breast implants
  7. The stock market
  8. Best-selling books
  9. Getting married
  10. Having kids

Luckily my friends pretty much feel exactly the same way.
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UK Voices, accent heaven

This is soooooooooooo cool:

The Voices Recordings

Basically, it's a big database of audio of people in the UK talking, many of them discussing language and accents. You can hear people from all over England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland talking and hear all the different dialects, accents, languages, etc. And it's searchable, so you can look for people from a certain area or certain languages or certain types of people. I just searched on Welsh and then after that did Shropshire. Needless to say, Welsh boggled me. People in Shropshire don't really pose a problem and actually there are very few accents in England I've failed to understand. (I don't understand Ozzy Osbourne but I think that's true of most folks.)
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