August 29th, 2005

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Stinky stinky cheese

I love stinky cheese but I think I've found something too hard-core even for me: Robiola di Mucca. It's something I got from my client the importer. Picture a round of cheese similar in size and thickness to Brie or Camenbert, only with a white skin and nearly complete runny inside. Oh, and it smells like ASS. I tried it last week when I first got it and gagged. I've managed to eat it on Swedish flat bread just now, which was by far better than having it straight, but it truly is some strong stuff... and if I think so, then I know most people would compare it to toe cheese. Still, I'll try and finish it off.
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It's pouring buckets here at the moment. Supposed to get around 3 inches tomorrow. And yes, it's Katrina rain, reaching Atlanta:

The storm is stretching from Louisiana through Missisippi, Alabama and on to Georgia and beyond.
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What to do with stinky cheese

So... that stinky cheese? I made something GOOD with it!

Lenny, the chef at the French place downstairs, mentioned something about how he had made robiola pasta, so I looked online to see if I could find anything. I didn't find anything I could really do -- robiola & truffle pizza is out since I don't have truffles -- but I did find some ingredient groupings that looked good, enough to inspire me.

The result was Biavetta Robiola. I cooked up some biavetta pasta, a small pasta that looks like fat rice, and then sauteed garlic in olive oil. After that I tossed in fresh spinach, a bit of marsala, half a tomato (chopped), capers and black pepper. When this was all done I tossed them together, along with about 1/2 a cup of mushy, stinky robiola cheese.

It was delicious! The biavetta has a great texture, but covered with creamy cheese and olive oil, it was even more enjoyable. The vegetable ingredients worked well with the cheese too. Mmmm mmmm!

In the past week I've made THREE successful pasta dishes, two of them without aid of a recipe. Given Caleb's expertise with pasta, which made me feel pretty inexpert, I had kind of given up on ever doing anything good, but I guess I still have it.

Although, holy crud, is my breath horrendous!