August 30th, 2005

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Silly kitty

Luckie is currently hunting down that evasive beast known as The Tail. This tricky grey and black striped creature has been tailing her for weeks and now she's at her wits end.
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Weather, dreams

Woke up to see some crazy weather out the window -- street trees thrashing around, bent sideways, and puffy dark clouds racing low across the sky. There wasn't any rain, but wow, a lot of wind.

In other news, I'm starting to think the reason I'm so tired when I get up, and the reason I sometimes have headaches in the morning, is that my dreams are just super intense and totally drain me. Often I'll have dreams that force my brain to do so much on-the-spot creation that it must go into some super deep state of concentration that I could never achieve in waking life. For example, last night my mind created a VH1 TV show, animated no less, about female singers. It was like caricatures come to life and I saw it all in my head, along with the amusing narration. I also came up with this really catchy TV commercial that became a craze like the Macarena. In the past I've read lots of non-existent books in my dreams and often my dreams are shot and cut like movies, so obviously my brain has powers in sleep I can't access when I'm awake.
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Good kitty!

Luckie is so well-behaved it's amazing!

After only three days training, today she walked on the leash all the way down the hall to the elevator (so I could go down for my paper) and then walked all the way back.

Most of the time, she comes when I call, at least if she's not in the middle of whipping some cat toy's ass ;)

She's only jumped into the pigs' cage two or three times and hasn't done it for several days, since I zapped her with the water squirter.

She hasn't jumped up the birds' table or window in several days and doesn't overall pay them much attention, when they're in the cage.

She hasn't once jumped on the kitchen table, counters, or the two sideboards. She could easily do so, if she wanted to, but she hasn't.

She stays off my office desk (mostly because it's too cluttered).

She doesn't scratch my furniture! I am trying to keep her on track with this, giving her other things to scratch like a large scratch post, two smaller ones, plus lots of things to play with.

She doesn't seem to like hiding, so no hunting to find her. She goes inside Abbie's little house, which I put out for her and likes to lie under my chair, but other than that, she prefers to be out in the open.

In a week, she's only knocked a couple of things over: religious candles on the bathtub, my human-torso light on the windowsill, and a picture frame. It helps that she's so small she can creep around things and isn't strong enough to knock them about much.

She doesn't meow incessantly.

She hasn't left me any "surprises" anywhere around the house.

She doesn't shed.

About the only two things she does that bug me are attack my two plants (both of them tempting vines) and wake me up at dawn.

I know some of this stuff will change but still, I'm impressed at the moment.
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Come on head, wake up!

I supposedly have a client meeting in 20 minutes. Somebody driving in to meet with me. I so don't want to do this. Had a headache when I woke up and it's not getting better, not even with kitten cuteness. I will take some aspirin but I think this is a sinus thing. Will do Reiki on it this afternoon, since that almost always works for headaches like this.

Well, I got my wish! The meeting was supposed to be at 10 but no phone call. I sat on the couch watching Luckie play and by 10:25 I had dozed off. Finally I got up to check my email and sure enough, my client wanted a reschedule. Relatives of hers are up from Mobile, refugees of the storm, and are staying with her at the moment so she can't really drive up to see me. We will meet later. I'm really tempted to go take a nap right about now but I think I should work.
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Make it stop!

NPR is doing it again, playing something during Classical programming that has me going, "Huh?" I don't mind them playing soundtracks or even interpretations of pop songs (there are some great Classical covers of Beatles songs), but playing a piano cover of "Wing Beneath My Wings" is just gross. I feel like I've been put on hold!
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Congrats to Caleb

Once again, one of Caleb's projects has won an award. He just found at that the Ponce de Leon/Moreland Avenue Corridors Study was selected by the Georgia Planning Association as the top corridor study in Georgia!. This marks the second time one of his projects has received this award - the first was the Cheshire Bridge Road Corridor Study he did back when he was at the City of Atlanta. I actually did the web site associated with this project and may go to the awards ceremony.

Thumbnail showing one of the cool maps he did.

Caleb is VERY good at what he does.
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On Katrina

From a CNN report on Katrina:

Curtis said that a menagerie of animals gathered in the safety of his porch after the storm.

"Last night when everything calmed down, there was a flying squirrel, a big green lizard," he said. "This sounds pretty hillbilly, being in the South. A bullfrog, all these animals, one of them just sitting on the porch next to me. It's just strange to see the wildlife coming up."

I guess the storm brought everyone together?


Meanwhile thanks to xanath, catscradle, threbratqueen and others for your excellent posts on the storm.


The weather in Atlanta is still being affected by all this. All day the winds have been 20-30 mph. Running some errands earlier, I noticed a lot of dead tree branches and leaves blowing around, so many that the City of Atlanta actually had workers picking them up. (I know! Must be serious!) On Marietta St. the gutters were like small streams, complete with all kinds of odd debris, including several hats and lots of trash.

Several areas of Georgia, including parts of Metro Atlanta, had tornado warnings issued last night. I believe a chicken farm out by Athens was detroyed by a twister and a few others touched down as well.