August 31st, 2005

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Bridgette / Mercredi and Katrina

Quite a few of you on my friends list know madame_mercredi (Bridgette Parker) from the VC fandom, Wraeththu fandom, or other fandoms. She's not really doing LJ at the moment so I wrote her and asked how her family fared with the storm. (When I hear Louisiana, I think Merc.) She and her husband live in Texas, but are from Louisiana. She has family various places, including New Orleans.

Anyway, for anyone else who was concerned, here's Bridgette:

HI. Yeah, I was surprised at how bad it got around Atlanta. My
grandparents are in Westwego and as of lunchtime today they were ok and the
house had no major damage. The rest of my relatives (two of my dad's
brothers and sister-in-law) evacuated and are staying with my parents --
possibly for a long time. My mom's brother Frank lives in the Garden
District and we feel pretty certain that his home will end up flooded if it
hasn't yet. He's staying with their brother Charlie. Colette and her
family also evacuated but I suspect they can return home unlike the rest of
the family. Currently, word is that residents of the N.O. area will be
allowed to return on Labor Day if they have proper ID -- but only to collect
essential belongings. They will then be told to leave and not come back for
a month. The schools down there will be closed until December. There's no
drinkable water, electricity or phones in most of the area with flood water
still rising. I hear that there's a new levee breach that's flooding a
previously dry area, but I'm not sure where it is. I'm very relieved about
my grandparents, but I'm still worried for them. My family was going to try
and contact the Red Cross to go and make sure that they have enough water
and food and medication (they are both diabetic and in very poor health).
There's terrible looting going on and I think the authorities might try and
evacuate what's left of N.O. Hopefully, my grandparents will get out.

If anybody wants to get in touch w/her I have her email.
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Kitty freak-out

Luckie just had a cat freakout -- you know, when cats just go nuts, running and jumping all over, attacking invisible stuff, random objects, and act really paranoid? LOL. I was on my bed reading and she came up and attacked the puffy sheets, the edges of the coverlet, the drawstrings on my pants, and of course, her own tail. I think she's about to fall asleep now, just like a toddler who acts crabby and naughty right before they drop off to sleep.
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Zookeeper duties

So Luckie woke me up around 7:30 today, not TOO early. I could guess what she wanted: food! So, still half asleep, I filled up her bowl. Then I got mixed greens for the piggies, who expect to be fed as soon as I'm horizontal vertical. Finally I mixed the birds' seedbowl, to get the fresh seeds to the top.

And then the zookeeper fell asleep again and didn't wake 'til 9 when Caleb called her.
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Mom knows me

Today I got a birthday package from Mom -- this beautiful, warm, LONG bathrobe from L.L. Bean. I love it! My beloved blue fuzzy bathrobe, which I bought freshman year of college at the Salvation Army in downtown Amherst, has finally fallen to pieces and become an embarrassment, and I was sooooo hoping somebody would take my hints about need a new one.
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I think the depression really is gone. I'm listening to the Smiths and it's just annoying me. LOL. I used to listen to that, and Morrissey's solo stuff, all the time, becuase it made me feel better. I mean, I still love it, but I think after this 6th run through of The Smiths' singles collection, I'm going to stop. (Yeah, I tend to listen to CDs over and over and over again.)

On a related topic, I've been mulling over why I don't care for iPods, MP3 collections, and so on. It's not that I don't think it's a cool, convenient concept which is changing the face of recorded music... it's that the whole thing goes against the concept of the ALBUM, and I love albums. I prefer to listen to albums, blocks of experience molded by a single band or artist into a whole work. I don't want the songs split up. Yeah, I have "best of" CDs, have made lots of mixers on tape, and enjoy one-hit-wonders, but albums are where it's at for me. Artists I love who have some great ALBUMS: The Beatles, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Simon & Garfunkel, Sinead O'Connor. If I took one of those songs and put it on an iPod, I'd expect the song AFTER it to play, not some random thing.

Meanwhile Caleb came over last night to borrow a few of my CDs to put on his iPod.
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Burning oil, cash

I'm trying to be good and not get people into a debate with me about fuel prices, cars, etc., but with gas about to go up to $4.00, I did a calculation and found that for the price of my monthly MARTA card (unlimited rides) I could get 13 gallons of gas or... one full tank basically.

Whoah, and in case anybody hasn't heard, the gas pipelines supplying Atlanta are OUT, because it comes from south of here and it ain't coming anymore. Atlanta has a 10 day supply of gas and it's been two days without anything new coming in. They have started gas rationing at some places, no more than 10 gallons, and prices are up to $3.65, Caleb has told me. And rising...

ADDENDUM -- Just got another call, from Caleb of course, saying that at 4 p.m. Gov. Perdue is going to announce that all gas stations in Georgia are closing 'til tomorrow morning, when they're going to start gas rationing of some kind, like even or odd license plates.

ADDENDUM 2 -- Scratch that, I don't think the rationing is going to happen, all the gov' did was ASK people to drive less and remove requirements for that special fuel additive.

This is all long past due, if you ask me, which nobody did, so I'll shut up now.
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Just donated to the Red Cross, Atlanta chapter.

It takes about 1 minute. Even if you don't have a lot of money, remember that lots of people have lost *everything* -- home, clothes, food, pets, family members, all household goods, and all the other physical stuff of life.