September 3rd, 2005

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Weekend Update

I'm taking an afternoon break from Dragon*Con -- one of the advantage of living blocks away is I can LEAVE -- and just sort of chilling out a while. So far the con has been great! I've seen lots and lots of people I know, both from Outworlders and elsewhere, seen some jewelry in the dealer rooms that I really like, and all three of the panels I've attended (2 Gothic Journeys, 1 Writer's Track) have been excellent. I also am getting lots of compliments & stares (stares at D*C? yes!) for my outfit, which is another one of my German/Russian prostitute type deals. I'll post pictures soon, I promise ;)

Meantime, Luckie and I just had fun watching TV. Well, I was watching and she was hopping all over me on the couch, meowing about something, not sure what. She also discovered the wonder of my giant plastic earrings, which she batted around for a while, fortunately inflicting no pain on yours truly. I hear her doing something else in the living room, like batting around her ball or something. So much energy!

Now I'm going to clean up the main room, as there are about two hours before I have any panels I want to see. There's a goth costume workshop in the Costuming track and I figure why not go? Some people might find it weird I just got home for breaks, but honestly after 4-5 hours at D*C I tend to wind up with a headache, sore feet, and a feeling of info-overload. So I go home and do regular home stuff as a way of recharging. Tonight I'm going to a couple of panels as well a a party. Tomorrow I'll be at a few panels, do some jewelry shopping, and go to another part. For now though, time to be a homebody.