September 4th, 2005

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Dragon*Con Update... Things Get Interesting!

It's so strange/amazing/cool how one little accident or decision can lead to a whole string of events. That whole "road less traveled by" thing, where you choose one fork and the life you could've had goes off towards on horizon and you head towards another one.

Not that my LIFE is changed or anything (well, I think not anyway), but something like that happened tonight.

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And b/c I can't miss a day...

...more kitten stuff:

Luckie is currently having a Late-Night Kitty Freak-out. I came home a bit after 2 and I don't know what she was doing earlier tonight, but once I got in, she got busy -- lots of leaping, chasing, attacking, meowing, and being extra super curious. There are little bits of rubbish all over the floor, plus bits of ivy she's destroyed, and she began chasing them all over the place. She loves the junk shreddings around my shredder and was pouncing on them while I did LJ.

Just now in the bathroom she was being super-kittenish. First she wandered in and wanted in on the shower stall. I opened it and she spent a while attacking the drain, then going after her own tile. She also wanted to climb the tile walls really bad, but alas... When she wanted out of the stall, I let her out; being a cat she wanted in again, which she got, then I let her out again. Then it was time to attack/explore things on the floor: toilet paper, roll of TP, TP holder, my underwear, a CVS bag, a dryer sheet, my feet, my hands, the garbage can, the candles on the bath, the knobs on the cabinet.

Finally she looked at me, on the toilet, and got curious about the crinkly noise of the toilet paper I was using and tried to hop between my legs into into the toilet, at which point I was like, "Hey! Outta there!"
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Sunday morning

Managed to sleep all the way to 9:30 today! The kitten did try to wake me up a couple times but it didn't have much impact, as I'd gone to bed at like 3:30. Finally I did wake up. I seem to have a headache, although more from squinting at the morning sun than anything else. Unlike MOST people who partied at D*C last night, I don't have a hangover because I only had ONE drink. (Actually, I think I've only had one hangover EVER, and that was at the first Grissecon, when I got insanely plastered on cherry wine.) Yay. I don't anticipate rushing back to the con until at least noon though. I'd much rather putter around, maybe have breakfast at the French cafe downstairs, and then mosey over, this time wearing comfortable shoes.