September 5th, 2005

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That after-con UGH feeling

I had a GREAT time last night but today, OMG, do I feel like shit. I didn't get in until around 2:30 maybe and so there's the lack of sleep... but then there's my voice/throat completely shot from shouting at a loud party AND I think I have a hangover. I only had 1 1/2 drinks and almost NEVER have been hungover, so I first I dismissed the hangover thought, but then I realize one of the drinks was a plastic 1/3 cup of straight Dramboui (sp?) and the other was 3/4 plastic cup of red mystery punch, so OK, I could have drunk more than I thought. The fact I'm squinting at the sun today is a sign I think. And I feel like CRAP!!!!! Ugh. I'm going to watch a lot of TV today. If I feel any better I will also pick up the total pig sty that is my home at the moment, but I feel like a truck hit me, kind of.
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You know your brain and body are seriously thrashed when watching an afternoon of BBC home and body makeover shows is too taxing. I half slept through about two hours of them and then watch two hours more weakly propped up on the couch. Luckie also fell asleep. I'm starting to feel a bit better, so hopefully I will soon be cleaning the main room. Last thing I want to do, but must start somewhere with cleaning.
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British POV

Lots of amazing/tragic/sick stories coming out of Katrina... Here is one from the BBC, the POV of a tourist from Liverpool who got stuck in Downtown N.O. hotel for five days:

Notably, he reports security/police taking souvinir pics of the stranded & suffering, sexual harassment, and looters trying to sell them phones. Oh, and he was rescued by Louisiana game wardens, proving that at this point, everybody is being mobilized...
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X-posting from dragoncon

This was my fourth Dragon*Con and I think the best ever! I mean, last year was great, but I was asst. track director for Gothic Journeys, plus mod'd or was on 11 panels, and thus completely devoted to that the whole time and couldn't enjoy the con as a whole. This year I wasn't staff or even a panelist, so I could just enjoy it in the more typical fashion.

For programming, I went to panels Gothic Journeys, Writer's Track, and Electronic Frontiers Forum. All six panels I attended were great. I was especially impressed with Gothic Journeys, which had a brand new staff and new programming versus when we did it last year, yet was really "together" with great discussions, intelligent panelists, and a good sized crowd in a larger room. Writer's Track seemed to have revitalized its programming too. This was the first year I ever went to EFF's programming but it won't be the last. The Sex & Technology panel Annalee Newitz did was just fantastic!

I also enjoyed the Art Show, bidding on and winning a couple of amazing etchings by the same artist. I also had a cool conversation with a jewelry artist there who was telling me about the making of glass beads. The Exhibition hall was impressive, but as usual I preferred the Dealer's Hall, where I got fabulous jewelry. I swear, most of my best and most distinctive jewelry comes from cons.

As far as parties, I went to several good ones. After the Sex & Technology panel on Saturday night, I got invited up to the VIP party with Annalee Newitz and some friends. There were all sorts of goodies there, including a chocolate fondue fountain. Mmmmm! Afterward we went over to the Marriot for a Klingon party. The "live" (gummy) worms really hit the spot! Sunday night I went to the Outworlders' room party, which was the best yet. I'm part of Outworlders and thus there were lots of people I know, but quite a few others turned up who'd visited the table or just found the party. Music and drinks were excellent.

There were tons of costumes I loved, but some stand-outs: 1) Marge Simpson, 2) the macho Fu Manchu fairy guys, and 3) "peacock woman."

My own "costume" was pretty much just the crazy outfits I wear regularly (click here) but people seemed impressed anyway. A couple people took close-ups of my plastic "I (Heart) Jesus"-embossed crucifix barrettes.