September 6th, 2005

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Luckie update

I just spent 10 minutes calling for, then looking for, the kitten. Usually she meows back or pops up from wherever she's hiding. This time she didn't and I got worried. Finally, after looking under all kinds of various furniture, I had a look in my clothes armoire and rummaging around in there, I heard a jingle. Finally I moved aside a few long velvet dresses and skirts hangins down and voila! there she was, quite cozy amid the gothic luxury.

Meanwhile tonight we had the first meeting of Luckie and Pugsley, Daniel's huge Maine coon cat. Although Caleb had made cookies for the occasion and we tried hard, the meeting didn't go particularly well. Luckie made us laugh by arching her back, puffing up (what she thought was) really big, and making some hisses, but calmed down. Pugsley, on the other hand, seemed really uncomfortable and grumpy, plus let loose some serious hisses (including a few directed at her ass) and growls. He was antisocial and hid various places while Luckie played. I'll post pics sometime soon; they're really funny for how they show how HUGE Pugsley is compared to the kitten. He weighs a lot more than a human baby and when he tried to use Luckie's covered litter box, he couldn't fit. She weight like 2 1/2 lbs. and fits in a house designed for a guinea pig.
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I feel pretty crap today but relatively, compared to yesterday, this is not that bad. At least I've no headache. Supposedly I'm having a client meeting any second now, but I haven't got a call yet, so perhaps the client hasn't arr--

Well, client just called, is running late, won't be here for another hour. I'm rather tempted to go take a nap but I won't. *Yawn!*

Luckie slept with me last night until almost 7, when I decided I really wanted more room on the bed. Can't believe I'm playing the "Roll over, I'm crowded" game with a kitten.
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I guess I jumped into regular "workday" activity too quickly, as I just crashed out for two hours. Yesterday I did practically nothing, but today I had a business lunch and then biked up to Caleb's work, a bike shop, and a supermarket. I have lots and lots of work to do but within an hour of coming home I just completely crashed out. With the kitten.
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Quirky Kitty

Caleb and I have been amused to notice that after eating, Luckie often will stand next to the bowl methodically scratching the floor as if she's going to use the litter box. In the first couple of days I had her, I assumed she just had to go and would carry her to the box, but it turned out she didn't want to. Just now, she used the litter box and then a minute later had some food. She then pawed the floor for around a minute. It's not even like the food is next to the litter box. Caleb remarked that she must think she just ate litter :)
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Greyhound Hell

Caption under a pic on the NYT web site:

A temporary prison was set up inside a Greyhound bus terminal in New Orleans.

Man, as if bus terminals do not suck enough! Make one a prison? What are they going to do, chain everybody into those horribly uncomfortable chairs and feed them nothing but bad nachos and vending machine food?

(Sorry, this snark not intended to offend. I just think it's bizarre, and of course a sign of a topsy-turvey world.)
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History Channel self-censors

All week long it's "When in Rome" programming on the History Channel -- all these amazing specials on Ancient Rome. Caleb bought videotapes so I can record them all, since most of them fall during his night meetings for work. However, tonight the "Roman Vice" show was on and he and Daniel came over to watch.

The show was great, but we were all wicked annoyed by the fact that every time they'd zoom in on some mosaic or fresco showing something of a sexual nature, they'd blur out the image, to the point you couldn't tell what it even was.

This despite the fact that every segment of the two-hour show was prefaced with a disclaimer about adult themes and ancient erotic images. This show was on after 9 p.m. on a non-broadcast channel and the entire show was about vice, including deviant sex, sadism, drinking, prostitution, pedophilia, plus including pics (unblurred) of naked statues with prominent dicks, so we don't get why the really "deviant" stuff was blurred. During one part the blurring made it hard to figure out what the commentatators were talking about, because they kept being quoted but there was no way of knowing what acts were depicted. (We guessed bestiality, group sex, and stuff with giant dildos, but actually they were just lots of blurry blobs.)

I'm thinking of writing the History Channel a big "WTF?" type note.

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Caleb is probably going to get DVDs of the whole week's programming, which one would hope come UNblurred!
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