September 7th, 2005

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Another Kathunk!

I just fell asleep AGAIN! Feel asleep at 10:30 and slept an hour. I only note this in my LJ because I want to start using tags and find out exactly how often I fall asleep. Still don't understand how I can need a nap after only being a awake like 1 1/2 hours -- didn't even stay up late last night!
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So after only two weeks, Luckie knows her name and comes when I call. Yesterday I had a minor dizzy spell and took to the couch. When I called her, she came running from two rooms over and jumped over to sit with me. Last night I woke up around 4:30 for some reason and when I heard her jingling collar from the next room, I called "Luckie! Luckie!" and she bounded over to lie in bed with me.

Just tested it out again and sure enough, I immediately saw a little head pop up from the windowsill by my bed, then a little bitty cat jogging over her to figure out why I called. I scratched her under the chin. She's gone back to the bedroom to find a place for a nap I guess.
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Expensive winter coming up

From the NYT: Retail gasoline prices should fall to $2.58 a gallon by the end of the year, the government said today, but consumers should not celebrate just yet. Heating oil will probably cost 31 percent more this winter than the already high prices Americans paid last year, the government said today.

Ugh. My parents are going to be sorry they got rid of the coal stove. My dad installed one in like 1981 due to electric costs and it actually was cheap to get a ton or two of coal dumped in the basement coal bin every year. After 20 years and age and health issues making loading the stove too much of a pain, they got rid of it and redid the living room fireplace to be a regular fireplace again. But burning wood only really keeps the living room warm, not the rest of the house, so they'll be sitting in front of the fireplace all winter rather than use the electric heat. Both of them have heavy full-length bathrobes, wool socks and down slippers they'll be wearing.
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N.O. Aquarium and Zoo

Fresh from CNN:

The aquarium lost most of its animals, because without power there are no air pumps and also without people, there's no food. The zoo weathered thing well.

I went to the zoo once and it was one of the coolest I've seen, especially the whole native Louisiana section. I've never been to the aquarium, though Caleb went there for a giant catered (seafood) party during a convention once.
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Meat Spam!

Sometimes I really wonder what's going on with spammers. I mean, some of the stuff they try and sell is pretty specific, not something you'd just randomly blast to millions of people.

Example, just got an email with the subject line "Searching for a meat slicer?" Because you know we all need a meat slicer. And we'd all be soooo enticed by Collapse )

I've also gotten spam trying to sell chainsaws. Because, damn, everybody needs a chain saw. I need that like I need Viagra and Cialis.


On a related note, in the past week I've gotten into arguments with people about vegetarianism. I hadn't really dealt with vegetarian-bashers for like a decade and had sort of forgotten they exist. One person was at the Outworlders party and got into a thing with me when I said I wouldn't eat the jambalaya, since it was full of sausage. I wasn't in the mood to counter the unfair arguments he was making, so I just went into the hall for a bit. Then today somebody on mock_the_stupid decided to interject into a discussion of airline food by going on about how "Vegetarians are lame" and basically are working on faulty arguments. One of those people who thinks they know all about it, even though it's clear they're incapable of listening.

My attitude is, I don't prevent you from going to your rib shack and killing yourself and animals, you shut up and let me eat what I want -- and accept that there are millions and millions of us.
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20 Things

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

Start: 9:52

1. I've never broken any bones.
2. I have a fear of balconies, because I think I might jump off.
3. I dye my hair approximately every 2 1/2 months.
4. I hardly ever use deodorant.
5. I pronounce "sewer" as "sore."
6. I own about 30 black or black & white shirts.
7. I could've been named Gretchen, if Mom had gone with her 2nd choice.
8. I absolutely hate picking stuff up off the floor.
9. I can sleep with the lights on, no problem.
10. I wear size 43 European shoes (size 11 Women's US).
11. I tend to sneeze 6-10 times in a row... and VERY loudly.
12. I'm not generally afraid of bugs or other squirmy things.
13. I love the ocean.
14. I just got a new bike helmet; it's very nice.
15. I really should be working on my zine right now.
16. I'm taping a Roman show for Caleb right now.
17. I recently bought a 12-DVD series on the 1939 World's Fair.
18. I have a horrible sweet tooth, trying to pacify with fruit.
19. I have a bad sense of smell.
20. I lost a chunk of my hearing from punk & techno music in college.

9:59! I tag tharain, xanath, dadi, atomicdave, lydia2600, vaysh, cob_web.