September 8th, 2005

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I didn't sleep well this morning because a) I was having a totally wacko dream, b) I kept waking up and having delusional thoughts about "the elastic is missing from my pillow, I can't turn my head," and c) Luckie kept leaping onto the bed and thrusting her new toy in my face. I got her a new toy and she totally loves it. Once I finally conceded I was indeed awake, I watched her pounce on the furry octopus for 20 minutes. I almost think I should just get up at 7, as it's the struggle to stay asleep that tires me out.
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Weather: A Matter of Taste

August has passed and with it, the horrible August weather. For the past few days, the weather has been lovely -- 70s, low humidity, partly cloudy, light breeze. The days of 100s, muggy, smoggy hell are gone.

However, Atlantans being Atlantans, I just witnessed/overheard this:

The scene: Two construction workers are standing on the street with their pickup truck. They're in direct sun, which is making it actually 80-something. I'm walking quickly so I can get to the nice, cool subway station.

Construction Worker #1: I tell you, I can't wait 'til this cold passes.
Construction Worker #2: Yeah, it's way too early for it to get so cold like this.
Construction Worker #1: Ugh, the weather is just so messed up. Shouldn't be this cold!

It's stuff like this that leads me to think perhaps global warming won't be as tough on Southerners as one might imagine. Even if it boils their blood, they'll still be on the front porch drinking sweet tea and complaining about it still being too cold.
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Just had a doctor's appt. today. (I am fine, for those who care.)

Tomorrow I have a vet appt. for YinYang, who has something wrong with her eyes.

Monday I have my bi-weekly allergy shot.

Tuesday I have a hair appt. at James Madison.

Wednesday I have an appt. for a hearing test at Crawford Long.

For me, this is a pretty busy schedule. I'm glad I don't have any CLIENT appointments scheduled!
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Birthday heads up

Tomorrow is madame_mercredi's birthday. Bridgette has had a really lousy time of things lately, as she faces a job she hates, health problems and then her family being in Louisiana. Anyway, I thought I'd mention her birthday so people can send her greetings. She doesn't check LJ very often but her email is madamemerecredi [at] hotmail [dot] com.

BTW, although her LJ homepage is showing her last entries in 2004, she posted severla times last weekend:
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The voracious kitten

Having never personally had a cat, I am learning new stuff all the time. One thing I notice is that cats are a lot more like dogs than I had thought. Or at least Luckie is.

For example, Luckie engages in the typical "dog" behavior of always wanting to get into my food. She has to check out EVERYthing I eat.

Now, if I'm sitting at the table, it's OK, since she knows she's not allowed up there... although she does climb on the chairs and poke her head up looking pathetically left out. However, most of the time I seem to eat while sitting on the couch, and in that case she is right there beside me as Ms. Feline Food Inspector.

Her main object seems to be determining if anything I'm eating contains tuna, meat, dairy or anything else she would like to eat. A few times I actually have had tuna wraps and given her bits of tuna to eat (on the floor), so I know I started this, but I swear I am amazed she's interested. If I eat yogurt, she's in my lap hopping up and down trying to investigate it and get a lick. She doesn't get any yogurt except a lick or two (bowl on the floor) before I put it in the dishwasher, but oh, was it worth it for her! Today she investigated the raisin bread I was eating 5-6 times before determining that it wasn't worthy of her attention. Last week she grabbed a caper off a plate of pasta and ate it. Last night she grabbed an egg noodle, I believe because of the melted butter on it. Oh, and just now she attacked a bunch of grapes I was eating. Turns out it wasn't the grapes she wanted (though she sniffed those) but the vine, which she thought was a worthy enemy ;)

Luckie seems to have grown quite a bit in the 2+ weeks I've had her, so her own kibble, cat treats and the occasional snag of human food seems to be spurring her along. I have a vet appt. next month and I wouldn't be surprised if she'll have gained 1-2 lbs.