September 9th, 2005

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It's too late for me to spend the time verifying the veracity of this, but I'm rather inclined to believe it.

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp

I'm extremely depressed to report that things seem to only be getting sadder concerning the people so devastatingly affected by Katrina last week. Two car loads of us headed over to Falls Creek, a youth camp for Southern Baptist churches in Oklahoma that agreed to have its facilities used to house Louisiana refugees. I'm afraid the camp is not going to be used as the kind people of the churches who own the cabins believe it was going to be used.

Jesse Jackson was right when he said "refugees" was not the appropriate word for the poor souls dislocated due to Katrina. But he was wrong about why it is not appropriate. It's not appropriate because they are detainees, not refugees...
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Morning with cat

I believe in Luckie's mind, I am the Heated, Snuggly Playpen -- especially in the morning. He he. I woke up today and found she had brought her favorite toys to the bed and was playing hide and seek with them all around my legs. Then she would plop herself between my legs and do the toys in.

It amuses me that one of the "toys" is a used strip of pet hair roller I wadded up and tossed to her. She thinks this is the greatest thing.
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Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown is being removed from his role managing Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, The Associated Press has learned.
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In the Dept. of Duh...

Survey says...

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On a related note, I was thinking the other day how I consider myself attractive but not at all sexy. I don't dress how I do to be sexy, but to look good. I want people to LOOK at me, but not necessarily come after me. Thus even when I'm dressed like a trashy prostitute, it's more of a joke that I'm sexy than actually trying to be sexy. And when I do try, I think I come off as some kind of caricature that's half-woman/half-ostrich ;)