September 10th, 2005

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N.O. comes Downtown

This week Downtown seems to have received some new residents from New Orleans -- street musicians! I know they have to be from there, because they're actually really good! LOL. Downtown previously had almost no street artists, I believe because of some stupid law you have to have a permit or something, but there's a (lousy) trumpeter, a young black man with the most amazing 50s crooner voice, and this Bob Dylan-esque hippy guy in a wheelchair. But as I've observed on 2-3 occasions this week, now we have jazz saxophonists, trumpters and a few creative vendors I've never seen before. I suspect they will do well, so long as no stupid cop or Ambassador shoos them off. Hopefully they do all make it home to N.O. where they belong, but meanwhile Atlanta can be their home.
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I know there are thousands of people helping out those affected by Katrina -- whether it's opening their homes, offering medical care, going around on boats, giving people meals, or whatever -- but still, I especially like to see rich celebrities actually taking their money and effort and doing something meaningful.

Yesterday I posted about Al Gore. Today, I'm linking to a story on Shaquille O'Neal. The most impressive item I saw on the list of things he and his family are doing: furnishing "400 apartments the O'Neal's plan to rent for refugees in Dallas and other areas." Guess that basketball money is going a long way!

Now to focus on way less famous but no less noble folks, listen to this story from NPR: Miss. Couple Opens Health Clinic in Home (link there). That man was so damn selfless and you gotta love how he answers all Melissa Block's questions with "M'am."
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Slipping into elementary school mode, I was thinking about what my favorite animals are. The thing is, I had trouble thinking of any sort of animal I don't like. There are certain types of animals (e.g. breeds of dog) I don't like very much, but in general I like them all. This includes not just mammals and birds and stuff, but, reptiles, fish, crustaceans, insects, bugs, etc. Even when they're not "cuddly," I find animals so fascinating.

Still, if I had to do it, here are some of my favorite animals:
domestic dogs, domestic cats, guinea pigs, pigeons, horses, eagles, humpback whales, moose, wolves, buffalo, emus, ostriches, cheetahs, leopards, tortoises, sea turtles, bats, parrot fish, horseshoe crabs, owls.