September 11th, 2005


4 Years Ago

So it was 4 years ago that...

My strongest memory of that day (a day I remember in great clarity) has nothing to do with watching TV or being with friends, but with the walk home from my work. My office on the Georgia Tech campus was let out at around 11 or 12. Normally I would have taken MARTA home, but I was concerned that they'd shut down the trains as some kind of precautionary measure or anti-terrorist drill, so I decided to walk home.

A couple of years later, I'd walk every day, but this was the first time. Because I didn't know the best route and was totally freaked out anyway, I took a rather long route, and during that time I had time to think and observe. I remember walking down 10th St. and then heading south on a street that parallels the Downtown Connector. It was very hot and there wasn't anybody around, just cars parked and broken glass on the ground from car break-ins. Eventually I ended up on Spring St., I think. I was one of the few people on the street, but the people I did see were all totally slack-jawed, like deflated dolls or something. I remember passing by this one store or service station that was flying one of those mega-sized American flags. The drivers were all going slow, like they were plowing through some invisible, thick substance.

As I got closer to Downtown, things started to feel even more weird. The whole area was emptying out and there weren't the usual lunch crowds. I felt very conspicuous and in a way, like some traveler in the desert or something. All I wanted was to get home. Every time I did see a person, I wanted to talk to them so bad, but I knew they'd just say they were as freaked out as me. Finally I was over by Caleb's house and saw a neighbor walking a dog, somebody getting coffee at Sacred Grounds, but it didn't seem normal anymore, more like abnormal. I kept walking and went into my building, where the security guard greeted me and asked if I'd been sent home from work. I said yes and she said lots of other people had been too and our building was probably all people sitting watching TV.

I went upstairs, grateful to be home, and spent the rest of the day either watching TV with Caleb and Daniel or on the computer.
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Everything is a toy

They say pets take after their owners, but still, I was pretty surprised when Luckie hauled out a tube of Wet 'n Wild lipstick from under the china cabinet and began to play with it. In fact she's still playing with it, after a half hour!

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Meanwhile I am also amused with the way Luckie follows me around from room to room. If I'm working at the computer or asleep she'll leave me alone because I'm not "doing" anything, but if I'm anywhere else, like cooking in the kitchen, taking a shower, watching TV, she has to be there. She watches me all the time; sometimes I'll have my eyes closed during TV commercials and open then to find her sitting there on the floor staring right at me. She watches me shower, read the paper, put on my shoes, everything, like she's figuring how how to do it herself. So funny. Even when I'm working and she's off amusing herself, she'll run in here to check on me with a "Need anything?" expression on her face. She's make a little meow, play for a while with bits of scrap paper on the floor, then leave.

Oh, and this morning she woke me up at 7:45 and proceeded to jump all over me for 45 minutes, playing hide-and-pounce with two toys she'd brought into bed. She seems to think my torso is a really good "screen" for her sneak attacks. I can think of a lot worse ways to be woken up.
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The Look of Atlanta

I've been dying to start a photo series on Atlanta's intown neighborhoods, from the posh, yuppy ones like Inman Park to bleak, run-down places like Memorial Drive. Yesterday the boys and I went to the Cabbagetown neighborhood for breakfast and wound up walking around afterward, through that neighborhood, into the northern edge of Grant Park and then over to the Glenwood Park project by I-20. Along the way I took lots of pictures, many of which I think give a really nice flavor for the beautifully restored (but not "perfect") Victorian intown neighborhoods. I also took picture of urban blight, like broken sidewalks and parking lots full of equipment.

The first set of picture I'm posting is the nice neighborhood shots and then the blight. The second set I'll post later is shots I took at the bus stop. I've put in captions to provide some explanation and context.

This is where we started out: Caroll Street in Cabbagetown.
Just beyond that totally structurally unsound upper porch
you can see the umbrellas from Carroll Street Bakery, where we ate.

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At The Bus Stop

Now more pictures, all ones I took while we waited... and waited... and waited... for the 9 bus to come by. Actually we probably only waited 20-something minutes but it seemed like 2 hours because it was very hot. (When you look at these pictures, imagine it's like 90, there's no shade and you are dripping sweat.)

At the bus stop, which was right by/under a cement truck depot

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Pant! Pant! Pant! DONE!

About six weeks late, I have finally finished & uploaded the latest edition of Inception!

I would estimate it takes me around two full working days to put out every edition, which is how I wound up spending a lot of last night and this whole afternoon/early evening getting it done. Thank goodness it's only quarterly :)

Anyway, it's a good zine and this is its 16th edition, so whoohoo on 4 whole years!