September 12th, 2005

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Cat, Dream

Luckie gave me too much love last night. Woke me up around 4:30 desperate to cuddle, poke, and play. She didn't have her toys with her. The problem for me is I've started to take my medication before bed and I think it's making me a lighter sleeper, so she woke me up and then I couldn't fall back to sleep again for quite a while. Then I realized I was really hungry and got up for a snack. I was asleep by 6... only to be woken again around 8:15, this time with two cat toys and a flying kitten. I think she could be in an acrobat troup!

Meanwhile I guess I must've gotten some deep sleep because I had a wild dream about my Aunt Ellen and Uncle George, both deceased. It was something like my parents sent me to go stay with them for five days in their house in Connecticut, so I could get to know them better. In fact this is something that actually happened when I was around 11 or 12, but in the dream version, Caleb and Daniel came with me and their house was even bigger and more impresive than in real life. (I used to be awed by their house in Connecticut, because it seemed really big, with a huge rec room, one of those giant 80s projection TVs and a swimming pool.) One of the cooler things I discovered was that if you went in the basement, you'd find all these entertainment rooms, like a room full of arcade games, a room of stereos, a room of computers, and then if you kept going, you realized you were in a big warehouse owned by Uncle George, like a hardware and electronics store. The other cool thing was they had an all-you-can-eat policy so whatever food was around was fair game. The boys and I were there at one point eating giant cookies for breakfast. It's a little odd because I haven't thought of my aunt or uncle in a long time.
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Upcoming travel plans:

This Thursday-Tuesday:
In Vermont with Caleb, with inevitable sidetrips to Mass. and NY State.

Next month:
Visting parents in Andover, Mass. for around 5 days

Late November / early Dec:
To England for IP party and weeklong visit at Storm & Jim's

Back in Andover for festivities

Italy to see Dagmar; Caleb will go too; possible side trips south or out of country

Out to Savannah to meet up with an IP author who's doing a gig there

That is all... I think! I don't drive and barely go outside the Perimeter, but I do travel!