September 13th, 2005

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Kitten bits

A few notes, mostly related to Luckie:

You know, I've GOT to clean up around here. Not just b/c it's been a sty for like 3 weeks, but because having this much crap means there is just too much mischief for the kitten to get into. The entire bedroom and office is pretty much a giant fun toy to her -- places to hide, poke under and pounce on, things to chase around, knock over, and lay on. She just had a spaz attack and got into about a dozen things in five minutes. Thankfully she's curled up on the bookcase now so I can have some peace.

Luckie is growing quickly. She is way bigger now than she was when I found her. Back then she was littler than the guinea pigs, but now she is definitely bigger. When she stretches or lies a certain way, I can imagine just what she'll look like when she grows up. Going to be very tall, long and lean, much like a cheetah, which isn't surprising since I'm sure she's part Bengal or mix of Savannah, which comes from the African serval cat. At the end of next week I've got to take her in to the vet for another shot and they'll weigh her. She must've gain at least a pound! (A whopping 3 lbs. she'll be!)

Kitty was "bad" tonight. Came home to find Cal clinging to the front of the cage, which made me suspect she'd be terrorizing her and Pell :( I decided to cover them for the night and went to the computer. A couple of minutes later, I heard birds squawking and the sound of birdcage. I run over and of course Luckie pops out from the general area. I swatted her, then found the water bottle and shot her. I went back to the computer and a minute later, same thing. After that I got on my belly on the bed, like a soldier, watching the cage and watching her. She kept coming up to the cage but when she saw my "gun" pointed at her, she'd back off -- then act all innocent, grooming herself and running over to play with toys before stalking. She finally gave up. More training is needed -- chiefly lots of water zapping!
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Thus far

Having a very good day so far!

I'm out of breakfast food at the moment so I went to my fav little coffeeshop across the way and had a yummy breakfast, then caught the bus to Midtown. Caleb happened to get on the same bus and we talked for a while, until he got off. I got off shortly after and went to the hair salon for my appointment.

Got a great haircut; I've gone with the same stylist the last 4 times and she is really great. Had a whole lot of hair hacked off, probably 2 inches, so it's quite cute but also much less red than it was before. I had a dye kit from Italy I was going to do it in, but I don't want to have it that red when I visit Caleb's family, so after the appt. I decided to go to CVS afterward to get the "pomegranate" red I used last time.

So then I had a nice walk, up to CVS for the dye and then to Crawford Long hospital to visit my doctor's office and figure out if I need a referral form for the hearing test I'm having tomorrow. Turns out I don't need the official form and all that but I did need to arrange a note, so it was good I stopped by. After that I walked all the way home. By the time I arrived home my pedometer read 5500 steps, which is awesome. (I'm trying to do 10,000 a day.)

Now that the main "chores" of the day are over, I'm going to try and be very productive this afternoon. I want to do web updates, mail a couple remaining Wraeththu picture books, and do some cleaning. There's an ADNA meeting tonight too but I may skip it -- Caleb has a night meeting, which makes the evening a good time for me to work and/or clean up the house w/o being interrupted.