September 14th, 2005

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In the groove

It's weird. I've been feeling guilty and behind and stressed about doing the web site for Caleb's company, but once I sat down to work on it, it came to me in a flash. I did the design layout a few days ago, got feedback, and then today thought I'd "fool around" and get one section atually done. Turns out I got 3/4 of the site done. I will finish up tomorrow, minus the content I will need from the company's staff. And the site looks REALLY good. Yay. Best thing is, as soon as it's done, I get paid a not insubstatial amount, which would be a Good Thing. (An esp. good thing since BA is having a "sale" and yet tix for late Nov. are still $550+, $200 of which is taxes/fees. Shit!)
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Hear me

Had my hearing test today. To my surprise, all the various tests show my hearing is in the normal range. The audiologist discussed the results with me and also went over my symptoms. What she told me is that while my hearing is normal, I might perceive it to be less because it's declined over the years, going from acute to normal. She had told me that from what I describe, I have 3-4 different types of tinnutis, which is fairly normal, although she agreed that probably my exposure to loud music as a college student probably was responsible for half of it and also made background noise a problem for me. (I have a high pitched tone, a bell tone, white noise and a rushing sound in my head.) Her recommendation was that I wear earplugs at any future events where I anticipate loud noise -- something I already do -- and come back again if I feel there's been a significant change in my hearing.
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United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors

OMG, there are hundreds of those NUWABIAN CULT PEOPLE all around my building!!!!!

I went out this morning to get the bus and noticed a big group of black people at Woodruff Park, all the men in black suits, all the women in African outfits. I had no clue what was going on and went for my hearing test.

When I got back to Forsyth Street, the sidewalks were LINED with all these people... except now there were women and men dressed in like SHRINERS outfits or something. The people with the Shriner fezes were all standing with their backs pressed up against the courthouse. There were cameras and cops and I was like, "WTF?"

I went into the lobby and talked to Bernice, the concierge, and asked what was up. After making sure nobody was around to overhear, she whispered, "You know those Nuwabian folks? And how their leader got 35 years? Well, they're deciding on it in the Court of Appeals." Right after she said that, a cop (what affiliation not sure, there are 5-6 police forces in the neighborhood) slipped into our lobby to make a call to her superiors, informing them of what was going on. I told Bernice I was really shocked the courthouse guards weren't doing something to move the people away from the courthouse, as they were pressed right up against it and there were a LOT of them.

So if the courthouse gets blown up or there's a riot or police confrontation, I'll let you know.

P.S. Wikipedia entry here.
P.P.S. Yes, "cult" is a pejorative word. Boo hoo. Christianity can be a cult too.
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Walking the Cat

Just took Luckie out for a little walk. If the neighbors didn't already think me eccentric, they would now! She is pretty good with the leash, better than some puppies, for sure! I walked her to the elevators, led her through the lobby, over to the French cafe by the entrance, and then outside onto Walton Street. Along the way she had many admirers, including the security office, all the restaurant cooks and waitress, an art gallery director, and several patrons at the lobby barbershop. Luckie was a little freaked out by being in a new place with all its strange smells, sounds, people, etc., but she kept on moving for the most part and several people said they'd never seen a cat on a leash who didn't just sit and protest. Predictably, the walk back upstairs was a lot quicker than the way down, since Luckie seems to know exactly where she lives and practically runs! LOL.
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Before and After

Today I finished up the main work on the new TSW web site. TSW is Caleb's employer and a big client of mine; I run their web site and do little project sites for them. Anyway, I am very excited about the new site. The old site is not one I designed, but one I've just sort of "dealt with" the past four years. It's ugly and uses frames :( While the new site isn't ready to launch yet, I thought I'd do a preview of the Before and After.

Before (a.k.a. Now) -

After (a.k.a. Future) -

There are fixes I need to do on this still, like making sure all the pages are "long" enough, link checks, search engine optimization, title tags, etc. But overall, WHEEEE! This is one of my fav site designs yet.

This and that

I think I'm about ready to start cleaning up around here. I mean, I've said that for three weeks, but now that I have that web site done and am going out of town tomorrow evening, I know it will get done. I'll get the bedroom and bathroom done tomorrow and the rest tomorrow.


Took the bus out to Ponce so I could go grocery shopping, mostly vegies to tide the piggies over while I'm gone (Daniel will feed them) and then a few things for me. I've been out of groceries for a while and eating various and sundry things still remaining. I felt like I wanted some yummy food, so I got sorbet, a special frozen dinner I like, Concord grapes (which for once tasted right), and milk for tomorrow's cereal.


A guy left a message on my voicemail Monday saying he was referred to me from another client of mine and walks to talk to me about doing a web site. He left a number to call but I've called 6 times today and it's always busy. There's no voicemail picking up either. I'm going to check the message again and make sure I have it right and also see if the number he called from is different. I certainly want his business!


I've stopped letting Luckie jump up on me while I'm eating on the couch and I'm not taking bits of my food and putting them on the rug for her. I am, however, giving her some treats. Like yesterday I had canned corn and for some reason I just knew she'd like it. So a 1/2 hour after I was done, I put out a little dessert dish with about 2 tbsp. of it and Luckie came running -- and ate it.


Had a late lunch of pizza and I kind of felt like it made me sick. It was from Rosa's downstairs and tasted good at the time, but then I felt all barfy and on the bus, I had a dizzy nausea spell. I made myself breathe and by the time I was done grocery shopping, I felt a lot better. And dinner helped immmensely. Must've been some weird garlic!
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More walking the cat

Just took Luckie over Caleb's.

She only walked the last block, because there were too many people are up until then and I just carried her. She walked through Caleb's building on the leash, no problem. At Caleb's she ran around and seemed more at home than last time. Daniel came over to get my keys for when he animal-sits and we all got in bed together -- and the kitten came too.

On the way back, she walked almost the whole way on the leash! I'm starting to understand how to successfully walk her. One trick is to just let her walk along the side of buildings; she's happier that way and feels safer. The other trick is to walk her on the quietest, deadest streets, because any time she sees somebody walking, she'll stop, sometimes sit down, sometimes try and run the opposite direction! Once the person is gone, she'll keep going.

Over at Poplar Street I ran into Pablo, the ultra-cool, ultra-hot Englishman who owns & runs The Mark, one of the city's swanker nightclubs, and we had a nice chat. He asked about my book (I didn't know he knew I wrote one) and had questions about writing. We got to talking about living your live instead of writing, like life as book, life as movie. Meanwhile Luckie jumped up and down the side entrance steps of the courthouse. Once we were done talking, she walked down the street with me just like a dog.

I figure if I keep taking her out at night like this to visit Caleb, by the time she's grown up she'll be quite used to it and we can be flaneurs together.
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Crackdown Time

Newly posted to the NY Times:

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So I guess if they go through with this, there will be about 10 seminarians left?

I always think back to one of the great essays in Paul Monette book Last Watch of the Night where his gay monk friend, asked about how many priests and monks are gay, was like "Oh, 100 percent... no wait, a 110 percent!"