September 16th, 2005

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In Vermont

Well, I'm in Vermont, at Caleb's parents' house. In case anybody knows Vermont, we're in Pownal, just south of Bennington. It's very rural and rustic. There are chainsaws, guns, ammo, rusting vehicles, and random piles of junk all over. And trailers. This isn't a trailer though, more of a vernacular house. I haven't visited here in about four years.

Anyway, the flight last night was horrible. I stopped flying Delta years ago, and I remembered why last night. There was some electrical problem that kept up at the gate for like 1 1/2 hours and the crew didn't seem to care much. Ughhhhhh. We were supposed to arrive at 10 but didn't arrive 'til 11:30. Then it was about an hour drive from Albany to here.

I've been playing with their dog Finnegan, who I've never met before. Beautiful dog, loves to fetch. For breakfast I had blintzes I bought at Price Chopper last night (we stopped at a store near Troy). Oh, and cheese ends from PC too! Mmmm. Today we're going to Bennington using his mom's car, walking around, taking pictures, going to some stores. Caleb's going to cook paella tonight, so needs to get rice, seafood, etc.

Tomorrow we're going to Saratoga, I think. I hope we also go to Amherst or Northampton on the trip. Or North Adams, to the Mass. Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MOCA). And into some woods. Oh, and dairy farms for ice cream. We'll be seeing Caleb's grandparents too.

That's all for now. This connection is reallllly slow and C's dad needs to make a call.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Communication meme

1. Who is your mobile phone provider, and how many minutes are in your plan?
T-Mobile. No idea what my minutes are... I probably only use 10% of them!

2. What program do you primarily use for instant messaging?

3. Who do you send and receive text messages from most?
Text messages as in my phone? People in Europe and Caleb. T-Mobile makes it cheap.

4. What area code do you live in?

5. What year did you first get an e-mail address and do you still use it?
Probably 1994 and it was I think. Obviously I no
longer use this.

P.S. VERMONT IS AWESOME. Once again, I think I wanna move. Cheap too.