September 17th, 2005

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Lovely Vermont and NY State

Been having a wonderful time up here, in southern Vermont and eastern New York. Quality of life is excellent, as is the weather and the smalltown architecture.

Yesterday Caleb and I went into Bennington most of yesterday afternoon, having lunch, shopping, walking around, and at the tail end going over to Old Bennington to visit his grandparents at their Palace of Kitsch. They were very sweet and Grandpa loved the huge down comforter Caleb bought him at IKEA.

Today we went with his mother and drove out to Saratoga Springs, one of the prettiest cities I've ever seen. The towns along the way were very nice too; we wanted to stop at every one. Had lunch in Saratoga and later on, gelato. On way home we took a route through Troy, one of the places I'm considering moving (along with Albany and Bennington).

After we got back I wound up playing badminton with Caleb's sister Celisha, then doing yardwork. Right now Caleb's cooking dinner, making pasta sauce from fresh garden tomotoes and herbs. It smells delicious. We plan on going to the cemetery down the street tonight; it's a full moon I think.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Vermont cemetery, pictures

Visited a small local cemetery around the corner from the house. Had been there before, but only during daytime. Some of the graves date back to Revolutionary War times and look pretty Medieval. Others are Victorian, some made of metal. A lot of them are made of granite, though, as haven't weathered well, so the writing has gone. Found a Victorian headstone for two brothers, Caleb and Daniel. Took a picture of that. It was around 10 at night and we had flashlights, although we turned them off any time a car went by, so they wouldn't see us and think we were up to no good. The moon was full but covered in clouds.


As a general note on this whole trip, I have taken tones of "art shots" and other pictures. There will be posts on Caleb's grandparents' kitschy house, his dad's garage, the yard here (with its two dozen vehicles...), Saratoga, Bennington, etc. Tomorrow we'll be "up camp" on his family's mountain land and maybe I'll see intersting stuff there too. Monday we may go to Amherst or Northampton and there I will surely see stuff to take pics of. I hope we go on the UMass campus so I can show people the world's tallest library and my old dorm, Mary Lyon.