September 20th, 2005

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Just got home from five days away from home and my animals. Kitty was very happy to see me, birds were OK, YinYang's eyes were fine, but now Abbie seems to have conjunctivitis. I noticed her left eye was all droopy so I took her out; she keeps shutting it and the conjuctiva look swolen. For now I've given her a dose of the medicine I treated YY with last week, as it's an antibiotic and reduces swelling, but I guess she will have to go to the vet too now. Poor Abbie. She's acting normal but she looks kind of pathetic with only one eye really working :(
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Welcome to Vermont!

I have a lot still report on my trip to Vermont (plus NW Mass. and NE New York) but for now, this just popped into my head as an item of interest:

Caleb paid a visit to the one-room town hall of his hometown, Pownal, Vermont. Pownal has a population of only 3,500. Yet, likely because it's right on the border of New York state, when you walk into the townhall, the first thing you see is a big poster on how to register for a Vermont civil union, along with a pamphlet on "what a civil union can do for you." Neat! And of course, just across Pownal's other border, in Massachusetts, there's actual gay marriage.

This, among many MANY other reasons, makes me want to move back north. Just on PRINCIPLE!


Got home and as I expected, wound up paying the kitten lots of attention. I also tended to Abbie and her poor swolen eye. I put in drops mid-afternoon and again just now so hopefully she will mend. If I don't see any improvement by Thursday I'll go to the vet, but since I'm pretty sure she picked up the conjuctivitis from YinYang, I think the medicine should work.

Afterward I unpacked and tended to some stuff like downloading my email, chatting with Storm, etc., then had to go to a meeting (already?!) downstairs, related to the neighborhood festival & tour. The meeting was blessedly short (45 minutes) and came with some food, so not too bad.

Next up I had the boys over. They wanted to see the cat as well as all the pictures I took. The cat was cute but her butt smells. I'm not sure if it's her butt or her paws. She's getting a bath tomorrow.

After the boys left, I got my tickets for ENGLAND! I promised I'd go over for this year's Immanion Press Solstice party, since I've missed the two prior years and this spring's. I'm flying over for the party and then staying in Stafford for around a week. I may spend my last night down south with Rob just so I can be better able to catch the plane at noon from Gatwick.

Yawn! During our trip, Caleb somehow coerced me into going bed at between 10 and 11 every night. We both slept well, since it's pitch black there at night, but now it's 11 and I'm getting all woozy. This WON'T last!
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Vermont Picture Time!

I'll be doing a whole lot of thematic picture posts, but before I start them, here are just a few of my favorite pics from the trip. Sort of a teaser, I guess :)

Not the most artistic shot, but 1st pic from Vermont,
showing me with the guest bestroom's gun rack

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I realy like the pics I took on this trip. Look for more later on.