September 22nd, 2005

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I wanna play!

Luckie will play with ANYTHING, I swear. Right now she's running around with my hair tweezers. Yesterday she played with my bra. And I already posted about her and the lipstick.

I know the kitten updates are getting old, but I can't help it.
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Went to my dentist today for a regular check-up, followed by an assessment of my ancient silver filings. Basically I've got a mouth full of fillings and about half of them are ones I got as a kid and these ones, some over 20 years old, are cracked, rotting out, etc., and need to replaced. They took digital pictures of them and showed them to me on screen (the office is 100% wired and digital) and they were totally nasty.

Off the top of my head, I'll say there are 11 of these silver fillings and 10 of them need fixing -- 2 with crowns, 8 with fillings. (I also have 14 "modern" fillings from my current dentist, plus 2 other crowns). I got an estimate for all the work and it's $2,500, which is honestly not toooo bad. I mean, it will take 5-6 appointments for the dentist to do all that and it's 10 teeth he's fixing so really the price doens't seem much inflated.

I got the insurance codes for everything so I can call up BCBS and find out how much they will cover. I will probably get the upper right filings replaced first, as that's really looking bad and isn't expensive; it's the crowns I'm more concerned about $-wise. I have dental insurance but I'm not sure what sort of dent it will make.

Meanwhile I have a great smile, perfectly alligned teeth, long as you don't look inside my mouth :)
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Our "Anniversary"

I remember on Tuesday, but forgot yesterday:

Yesterday, September 21, was the 12th anniversary of Caleb and I meeting for the first time. We've been inseparable ever since.

Details? I was going up Orchard Hill at UMass when I ran into this girl Kristina I'd just met at the Honors banquet mixer. She was with this really cute guy named Caleb. I was intended to go home and do homework and they were intending to go catch the bus to go to Salvation Army, but in fact we wound up standing there on the hill for an hour talking, then going to the Campus Pond and looking at the ducks. Kristina later became my closest female friend; she followed us to Atlanta but has been in Philadelphia some years now.

12 years later? Man, that's insane, but cool... I just reminded him and he says we should celebrate, which we usually do.

I should post pictures of both of us from back in the day.